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Monday 18 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 5.July.2017


the Senate Chairman Committee Session Launched in two Parts by Chairmanship of Mohammad Alam Ezad Yaar and Dr. Mohammad Asif Sidiqi Deputies of the Senate.


At the session decision made that at the general session of the senate on 18th of Saratan beside of open debate,, debate should be occurred about the agreement between GoA and UAE about combat against the illegal trade of drug and related material of them and agreement of extradition between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan , and similarly, at the general session on Tuesday, 20 of Saratan beside of open debate, report of the senate delegation from the South Korea and law of fight against the drug should be debated and likewise, according the suggestion of commission of public welfare, appreciation should be occurred from the Dr. Habibul Rahman Qasim Manager at the Burning Section at the institute of Children Health of Indra Gandhi of Kabul. 

Similarly during the session, decision made that at the general session of the senate on 25th of Saratan, legislative decree regarding amendment at some article of law of treaties and international convention and amendment and addition at some article of law of communication services should be debated and likewise at the general session on 27th of Saratan, activity report of the commissions should be heard.


Likewise during the committee session, the senators condemned the abusive statement of a member of judicial union at the 11th of Saratan in a private TV program (TOLO) and emphasis occurred for investigating the issue.