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Monday 18 June 2018

 The Upper House Press Office

Date: 14-June-2017

The Senate Chairman Committee Session Launched by Chairmanship of Mohammad Alam Ezad Yaar First Deputy of the Senate.

At the session, beside of selecting the agendas of the general session, decision made that at the plenary session of the senate on Sunday, 28th of Jawza beside of open debate, minister of interior affairs, president of NDS and officials of detection and intelligence of that organs, president of Garrison and Head of PPS should answer to the question of senators regarding the recent incidents in the country. Similarly, at the plenary session on 30th of this month, beside of open debate, amendment scheme and addition at law of society should be presented in the session for ratification, and likewise at the plenary session on 4th of Saratan, agreement between GoA and UAE regarding illegal trade and drug and agreement of extradition between GoA and Uzbikistan should be presented in the session of their approval.


Likewise, during the session, debates occurred regarding security of the parliament hall and specifying the uniform of the security forces of the parliament and similarly remembered that the Kabul municipal according the constitution should be presented in the chairman committee session of the senate for interrogation.

At the session, Ghulam Muhaiuddin Munsif Chairman of the Commission of Legislation, justice and Judicial presented the activity report of the commission regarding debate about articles of the legislation and invitation of the government officials.

At the end, decision made that the SG of the senate by sending a letter to the Presidential office should identify the portion of the House pilgrimage.