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Friday 22 February 2019

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 22.May.2017

In the series awareness program for ladies journalists to the parliamentary issues, was hold a seminar for two days by secreter general of


 both session to the cooperation of UNDP under name of introduction and familiar of journalists with parliament

The opening of this seminar, Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi secretor general of Upper House and Rahimullah Ghalib deputy of secretor general of Lawyer House to give information about structure of both sessions of national assembly and cooperation of Medias on publication of both secretor


 general news, also  they insured that both secretor general of sessions will be assist and support Medias in deferent part, and we hope that, Media also cooperate national assembly in interdicting of their activities.  


In work plan of this seminar Qadam Ali Nikpai Head of Communication and Public Relations, of secretor general of M.J ahmad Shoaib Fitry


 Head of IT in national assembly gave information in deferent part of national assembly and both secretor general.


Likewise in second day of this seminar all journalists was fifty person ladies from government and non-government Medias, they visited from


 general session of W.J and some commissions session of M.J the end of seminar Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi secretor general of M.J and other


 authorities  gave certificate for them.