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Sunday 25 September 2022

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 16-May-2017


Objecting senator was 26 persons with secretary and deputy secretary of senate session expressing their protest from appointment and exams process of distribution of ID card and non-present of relative authorities in press conference. 


Senators, secretary and deputy secretary of senate session said that, exam question s are printed in one language not in two languages in this cause some persons the native languages of them was Pashto can’t answer to Dari language and senators added that non-present of authorities in general session directly belongs to this issues, in this reason senators leave general session. Members of press conference added that some person that had problems with Dari language complaint in M.J and Upper House of Afghanistan decided that, government should stop the process of distribution of ID card up to solve this problems, and also we add this issue in general session agenda, unfortunately the authorities of this department not present. Senator said, Nadir Nadiri had other job also and he can’t be in leadership of this commission and can’t control this duty

In this press conference objecting senators added that the result of exams unacceptable and government should cancel this process and take second exam to Dari and Pashto languages, and prosecuted them. Senators said, if government not answer to question of our clients and not solve this problem we are not present in general session of M.J and we go back to his provinces and decided with our people about this process because this process is very important for all Afghanistan people. Senators want from president in one decree cancel this process. The end of session senators wants from President Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Dr. Abdullah to solve this problem.