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Friday 18 January 2019

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 29-April-2017

Today Pakistan and Afghanistan delegations met in national assembly.


In this meeting Pakistan delegation invited official and come to Kabul, this meeting was held in senate chairman committee, Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar speaker of senate session and Abdul Raof Ebrahimi speaker of Walosi Jirga and both administrative board of houses, secretor general of both session, ambassador of Afghanistan in Pakistan, minister of government in parliament affairs and delegation of Pakistan including of Sardar Ayaz Sadiq speaker of national assembly with leaders of parties and MPs of that country.

At first of meeting Ayaz Sadiq speaker of Pakistan national assembly pray to the soul of Afghanistan martyrs. At this session Muslim Yaar speaker of senate session until the fact not clear coming and going of delegation will not have positive result, if meeting of delegation had result up to now more than several delegation and president of both country had meeting unfortunately not have good result, this is the belongs to wrong policy of Pakistan


Muslim Yaar said that, the services of Pakistan people for Afghanistan refugees not forgotten but closing Turkham and Spenboldak gate and rocket  attack on Afghanistan in not attention but Afghanistan people are disappointed from this action of Pakistan. Does not Pakistan say Afghanistan supported terrorism, but terrorism exist in both country and take victims from both countries. Afghanistan people hope that to delegation and leader of Pakistan to pay attention in this problem.   

To the answer speaker of national assembly of Pakistan said that, they will started their attack against terrorism but in some areas Pakistan government not access, from those areas attack on Afghanistan.


Abdul Raof Ebrahimi speaker of Walosi Jirga said welcome from delegation of Pakistan to national assembly of Afghanistan, appreciated from hospitality of Pakistan parliament from Afghanistan delegation that was gone to Pakistan

Speaker of Walosi Jirga said from historical joint interests and added that both countries without understanding don’t achieve in permanent security and development. He also said from supporting of Pakistan people with Afghanistan refuges.

In idea of Afghanistan people terrorism is one not know bad or good terrorism this is an phenomenon against human, we want form world, legal and neighbors countries to support Afghanistan people in ways fight against terrorism. 


Speaker of Walosi Jirga in his speech said that Afghanistan government was present the list of terrorism that were exist in other side of border to Pakistan government, but Pakistan not do something about this problem. He hope that delegation of Pakistan had good massage to Afghanistan people.

Speaker of Pakistan national assembly said that, it is the first time the big delegation by the representative of Pakistan people had trip to Afghanistan, it has this meaning Pakistan had more regard from other countries to Afghanistan.  He said that Pakistan people want form their government to bring peace to Afghanistan.


Speaker of Pakistan assembly said that terrorism don’t know law and realign just they know money, he emphasized that Afghanistan and Pakistan are bother and friend country and must for searching of solution had agreement.


The end of this visit once again leader of national assembly of Afghanistan welcomed from Pakistan delegation, and this program ended by giving of gifts by national assembly of Afghanistan to leadership delegation of Pakistan