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Thursday 24 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 16-April-2017   

At the Sunday session by the chairmanship of Mohammad Alam Ezadyaar first deputy of senate session, debate on current situation of country



Discussion on throw American largest non-nuclear bomb on Achin district of Nangarhar province on Daish, was the hottest debate on session. 

Some senators said that, throwing of the biggest bomb on Achin is persecuted against people. If America wants to fight against Daish, they should use from other weapons, using of this bomb is contrary to international conventions. Some other senators welcomed from America action on Achin and they said that throwing of bomb on Daish just destroy base of Daish not killed innocent people this is a good action on eradicate of Daish in Afghanistan. And some other senator criticized from current statement of Hamid Karzai that was about throwing the biggest bomb on Achin district and declaring Jihad against America, hreaten national unity government, senators said that this action of Karzai is unsuitable in this situation of Afghanistan.  

Likewise, at the session some senators had debate on trip of USA security adviser in Kabul, the said that national unity government try to convince Mr. Mak that equip our securities sector by advanced weapons, unmanned aircraft and other necessary equipment and also prevent from coming of terrorism from out side of borders that they equipment by neighbor countries.

Likewise, in session condemn suicide attack on the nearest of presidential administration door that was done on Wednesday, they emphasized that designers of the crime identified and punished.

Senators said from bravery and sacrifice of defense and security armies and the support from Khalid operation that was done by army forces in some provinces of country.

 Senators emphasized on these issues; evacuate the Janikhil School on Paktia province, prevent the construction of Pakistan on Angor Ada of Paktika province, invite from ministers of rural development and public works benefit, welcomed from opening of Shikh Zahid hospital, To crisis the country for differences of national unity government leaders, worry from insecurity on Faryab province and other provinces in Afghanistan.

The stating o session senators criticized from absence of minister of justice and emphasized that minister of justice must be come on Tuesday session.


The end of session once again first deputy of senate session said condolences to the soul of Afghanistan martyrs particularly in soul of lately martyrs in Kabul city. Parliament repeatedly supported from security forces.

He said about Moscow sitting that participate form deferent country was holding for Afghanistan situation, he added that in such cases Afghanistan should take independent decide, he hoped that this sitting will be had positive result on fighting against terrorism.   

Mohammad Alam Ezadyaar condemn any military installations on Angor Ada that will be build by Pakistan military and want from internal and foreign ministries for prevention of Pakistan action take necessary action. Similarly, payment of assist by Kondoz governor to the Taliban families is oppression and persecution against people of Afghanistan. 

Ezadyaar confirm the ideas of session members that was about throwing bomb in Achin detract. He said that attack on Taliban and Daish in deferent part of country is good action on condition that for people that not loss and harm. He wants form America and international community to support Afghanistan in fighting against terrorism honestly. 


First deputy of senate session feels sorry from lack of coordination of unity government and said that, statement of Afghanistan ambassador in Pakistan about throwing bomb in Achin is the opposite of Afghanistan government that, this person should pay attention on current satiation of Afghanistan and not said like speech that it will be to apposite of Afghanistan government

He said that Afghanistan government should do the optimal use from tripe of USA security advisor on parts of; funding, equipping of security forces, serious fighting against terrorism, implementing of security agreement. The end gave duties to general secretary of senate session to send some materials to government authorities.


The end of session heard the complaint commission report from Herat province that was present by senator Gull Ahmad Azami deputy of commission. Said that at first delegation met with governor of Farah and also had meting with heads of local administration, the end heard the complaint of them. The complete reports of this trip will be released by Mili TV.