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Tuesday 24 April 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 12. Aprli.2017

At the chairman session by the chairmanship of Mohammad Alam Ezadyaar first deputy of senate session was decided that;

At the general session on Sunday to addition of open debate, minister of justice gave information about implementation of law on political parties, Publication of the rules in the Official Gazette and answer to senator’s questions.


Likewise, at the session, said that the worry of scholars from arresting from three scholars to Nangarhar province by national security, decided that director general of national security should present to the administrative board session on Sunday to give explanation at the presence of representatives and scholars of that province. 


Likewise, chairman committee to emphasize on giving reports by chairman of commissions and gave duty to communication and telecommunication commission to check the process of transferring Hajjes to Saudi Arabia. Also gave duty to general secretary to specify the trips of senator to provinces on timetable.  

At the end general director of national assembly security affairs gave information about distribution ID card for vehicles of national assembly members and security mechanisms, joint working of both session of security committee and how coming of people in parliament and other important issues.