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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 11. April.2017

At the Tuesday session by the chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar to addition of confirm of two international document hearing the report of delegation senate session from IPU conference


In the open debate said that, Kondoz governor pay (akramia) money to Taliban this action of him is the apposite of law and government should ask about this action of him.

Senators said from increased of crime in Kabul, like heist, murder and other crimes in Kabul and they want from security officials to pay attention in these issues.

At the House members of session condemn the Mawlana Fazlul Rahman leader of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan and the want from our country government and scholars to reaction against speech of him.

Likewise, at the session criticized from peace agreement between peace high council and Islamic party, the said that some commanders of Islamic party in Laghan joined with Taliban and fight against government, they asked that this action belongs to peace council to solve this problem why the not do something?


At the session the Kamran Alizai rebellion on law is brings worry to people in Herat province they want from government to implement verdict of   court on him.

Senate session appreciated form activities of Ekramudin Saria security commander of Baghalan province for prevention of walking of black glass vehicles and some other important issues, some members of senate session had debate on these materials like; announce the election time, emphasize on solve refugees problems on Paktika Province, emphasize on equipping and financing of security armies, emphasize on solving of disabling problems, emphasize for making of street for that people they life around the parliament, problems in passport directorate and some other issues


In conclusion of debate speaker of session had highlighting on abovementioned issues and also had debate on some important issues that not debate on them by members of session like; reports from Dhaka conference and also gave duty to defense and security commission for visit of Kodoz province and some other important issues.