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Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 11. April.2017

Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar met Mr. Hogolans ambassador of USA in Kabul

In this meeting speaker of senate session appreciated form cooperation of USA on reconstruction, security and campaign against drugs and emphasized on development relation between two countries.


Speaker of senate session said that terrorism in a joint enemy and we hope that the creation of new cabinet brings an effective policy to campaign against terrorism. Speaker of session once again said thanks from support of USA in deferent part in Afghanistan

After that ambassador of USA assist of our country according to the new policy of USA will be continued in Afghanistan. he said that reform in security sectors in very necessary and he added that appointment of Amrullah Salih in post of government minister in security affairs is performed a good action by president of Afghanistan. Likewise, he said role of Russia combat against terrorism is not success, and speech of Zmir Koblof is irresponsible on terrorism affairs in Afghanistan.

At the end of meeting speaker of senate session appreciated from sacrifices of that country for bring of peace in Afghanistan. Speaker of senate session once again said about needs of security force of Afghanistan and want from USA to support them in different parts of security.

According to another report speaker of senate session met Mr. Yaojeng ambassador of China

In this meeting ambassador of China ensured from assist of China to Afghanistan in parts of economic and added that our country try to support Afghanistan in peace too.


Likewise, ambassador of China welcomed and appreciated from speech of speaker of senate that was read in conference on China. He said that speaker of Afghanistan senate session appointed on silk road like an economic belt, in this context a lot of trade man want to invest on this way. Once again ambassador of China emphasized on relation and cooperation between two countries. 

After that speaker of session said thanks from assist of China on reconstruction and education and he added that Afghanistan right need to help in deferent way and we want from your to come authorities to come in Afghanistan and visit here. In this meeting Latif Zhowandai chairman of international affairs commission and Hafezullah Hashimi secretor general of Upper House also present.