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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 9-April-2017

At the Sunday session by the chairmanship of Mohammad Alam Ezadyar first deputy of senate session to the addition of hearing of report from Russia also debate on current situation of country.

At the open debates, senators said that the president journey in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore is an achieved full trip; they emphasized that to sign an agreement on deferent issues. But some senator condemned Jonbesh Roshonai demonstration on Australia.  



Likewise, senators condemn chemical attack on Syria that was done by Syria government and killed more than hundred people. Some senators said that Afghanistan not intervention in this issues because we worry from that Afghanistan don’t change to the battleground like Syria.

Senators said that, foreign minister of Russia announced that America and NATO had role in contraband and trade of narcotics in Afghanistan. If Russia wants to stand against this bad phenomenon, they should support Afghanistan counter narcotics police.    

Once again senators had debate on education situation and the said that twenty day past from starting of schools lessons but unfortunately problem exist in schools, ministry of education should solve this problem by employing of lump-sum teachers.

At the session senators said that, most of political parties in country had been formed to according of law minister of justice also admits in this issue and we want to come justice minister in one session and gave information about activities of political parties. Some senators said that, ministry of information and cultur should check the documents of that person by the name foreign journalist come to Afghanistan.  



Members of session speech from 4th April global day of mine action, they said that however that done a very good activity but right now about thousand hectares of land are exist in all of country that is full from mines.

First deputy of senate session in conclusion of session once again appointed on abovementioned issues and presented the necessary explanation about something that not said by senators.