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Tuesday 24 April 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 5-April-2017


At the session of chairman committee by the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Asif Sediqi second deputy of senate session decided that:


At the session of 20 Haml to addition of open debates, hearing the report of Upper House delegation from Russia and debate on statute of the Islamic civil aviation council and agreement of immunity and privileges for Islamic cooperation organizations, also should appreciated from Mohammad Halim Fedaui governor of Logar province for combat of him against land grabbers.     


Likewise, at the Tuesday session 22 Haml hearing report of yearly sitting of senate delegation (IPU) that was held in Bangladesh and report of Pajshir province, also in this day chairman and commissioners of independent election commission should gave information about holding of Walosi  Jirgan and provincial council election and some other relative issues 

Likewise, decided that, in one general session invited minister of justice for giving information description about activities of political parties, and invited officials of national radio and TV in commission of religious affairs, cultural, education and higher education from giving description about publishing of senate news.