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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 29. Mar.2017


At the chairman committee session by the chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar speaker of session has been decided that.



At the general session of 13th to the addition of open debate, hearing the report of delegation of senate session from china and provinces of Panjshir and Norestan and also by the suggestion of Mashriqi peoples should appreciated from Sayded Hossain Alimi Balkhi.

Likewise decided that in general session on Tuesday 15th Ham to the addition of open debates up completed of session, debate of Statute of the Islamic Civil Aviation Council and agreement of immunity and privileges and also hearing the reports of Joint meeting of the Security from both of the house

Likewise, in sitting of chairman committee emphasized those commissions of session hold their sitting on time, if the quests not come on time should back return them to his duties.   

Mr. Muslim Yaar gave information and reports from their trips in China that he had meeting with some official and had debates in deferent parts of Afghanistan needed and also appreciated from china hospitality and some other important issues.