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Thursday 24 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 19. Mar.2017


At the senate session by the chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar speaker of session debates on current issues.

At first of session speaker of session said about non present of security officials in this session for answers.



Some senators believed that the security situation in Arozgan, Helmand and Farah not ok and also in Kabul security situation is very bad.

Some senators said that agreement signed between Islamic party and government the government has no interest for their implementation of agreement and pay attention on this issue, senators said congratulation new years for all Afghanistan people.

Likewise, in 27 Hout session were reminded from journalist’s day and they said congratulation this day for all afghan journalists and added the official and society should support journalists and medias that we could hear the facts of their language.

Senators had debate on these issues; fasting of purification some provinces from the enemy, adding of Kabul bank agencies in Konar Province, support from trips of Atmar security adviser, incompleteness reports of Sardar Mohammad Davodkhan hospital, difference in salary of security forces and some other issues.

In conclusion, speaker of session debate on abovementioned issues and said that we and our country people should help security forces and cooperation government in deferent part of problems up to solve or wiped out these problems.  

Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar said that peace is the needed of our country. speaker of session once again hopes from agreement that has been sign between government and Islamic party.


Speaker of session had debate on parliamentary and provincial council election and he wants form election commission they should announce the time of election.

Fazl hadi Muslim Yaar condemn any facilities by Pakistan on Dewrang border and he want from government to do some thing in this case. likewise; he said congratulation new yeas for all Afghanistan people.

The end of session once again said congratulation the journalist’s day for afghan journalists.