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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Upper House Press office

Date: 15. Mar.2017

At the Upper House chairman committee by the chairmanship of Fazil HadI Muslim Yaar decided that.

At the general session on Sunday dated 29 Hout officials of security sector should gave information about attack on Sardar Mohammad Davodkhan hospital.

Likewise, decided that, in 6th of Haml session 1396 to addition of open debate by members of session will be herd the reports of senators from Kapisa, Panjshir and Noristan provinces, in session of 8th Haml to addition of open debate, member will be had debate on statute on the Islamic civil aviation council and agreement of immunity and privileges for Islamic cooperation organization.



Likewise, in session decided that, government minister on parliament affairs, government officials and guests should present in general session, commission and special session on 28 Hout, and also in this day general garrison commander of Kabul should answered about inappropriate treatment of security forces of that organ with members of national assembly especially senators. 

    In session also decided that for better recruitment process of general security staff Dr. Faisal Sami deputy secretary and Mir Hatam Tarakhil chairman of immunity and privileges commission control from exam from on behalf of session.

Also was stressed that after that in chairman session must be participate chairman of commissions if chairman not present deputy of commission participate if no one present decided that name of absent will be announced from medias.

In session of chairman committee debate on distribution of passport for residents of country gave duty to internal security and defensive affair that solve these problems and added that chairman of immunity and privileges commission of senate session control from getting passport.