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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 14. Mar.2017

At the senate session by chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar speaker of session in addition of debate on current situation, heard the internal security and defensive affair commission reports from Sardar Mohammad Davodkhan hospital.  


At the first speaker and member of session appreciate from uprising of Herat people against communist regime and said that we should know this uprising the best uprising against communist regime. Also gave massage from senate session for this historical day. 

At the open debate member of session were worry for insecurity of some provinces of country, when winter become fished with the arrival of spring these provinces are under the threats of enemy like; Helmand, Arozgan, Kondoz, Badakhshan, and Baghlan, unfortunately Kabul also have bad situation, in this reason government must pay attention for security.  

Some senator had believed that security agreement between Kabul and Washington is not implemented properly; Mohammad Hanif Atmar advisor of national Security Council should go to Washington and Brussels and solve this problem.

In session once again senator supported complaint letter by Afghanistan against Pakistan to UN Security Council.

Senator had criticism from corruption to education ministry and they said that teachers can not be appointed without bribes, and also pay attention to the teacher’s salary and distribution of land for them in Laghman parovince. 

Likewise, Senator Mohammad Hashim Alakozai presents the internal security and defensive affairs commission from Sardar Mohammad Davodkhan hospital.

Alakozai said that, chairman of 400 bed hospital not present for giving information about attack and we had some meeting with other person in hospital, they added that we will gave information by defense ministry delegation they were obliged in this issue.

In conclusion speaker of session condolence to Herat brave people, he appreciated from uprising of these people.


He added that, respect to the leaders of the mujahedeen was appreciative to all the Muslim nation of Afghanistan is under the leadership of Jihad.

Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar once again call on two session and Afghanistan people that we come together and encourage our national army and have cooperation with all afghans after that we can stand in front of Pakistan.

Speaker of session for anxiety and worrying of senators for security of some provinces said that I will share these issues with national Security Council as soon as possible.