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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 12. Mar.2017

At the general session by the chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar speaker of session, debate on attack on Sardar Mohammad Davodkhan hospital and decided that security sector officials must be answered in this case.

At first speaker and members of session condemned attack on Sarda Mohammad Davodkhan hospital and said that the perpetrators of this attack must be punished.




Likewise, in session said that intervention of Pakistan CIA and some other countries is belongs to differences between to national government leaders, poor management of the security sector and insecurity and some other issues exist in Afghanistan. 

Senator supported Mr. Mahmod Saiqal for knowing of clear face of Pakistan in UN organization, and they said that UN organization should serious consideration on Pakistan and enter the required pressure that Pakistan bring out his hand from Afghanistan issues and don’t support terrorism in Afghanistan. 

Members of session said that election is one of the principles of democracy and they welcomed from announcement of election time of Walosi Jirga and provincial council.

In session senators had debates on appointment of some person in government chart, they worried that the possibility of trading between national government leaders on appointment of some people in government. 

Condemned rocket attack and created gateway by Pakistan on Dewrang, congratulation of 8th March women day, appreciation from sympathy of Ahl Honod, emphasis on distribution of electrical ID, serious attention of Helmand, Kondoz and Baghlan provinces, and some other issues.

In consolation, speaker of session said that Afghanistan is facing in one undeclared war with Pakistan, security sector official must to get ready on this issues in this way Upper House of Afghanistan will be support them.

Speaker of Upper House supported the representative of Afghanistan statement in UN Organization added that we must know Pakistan bad face in the entire world. 

Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar expressed pleasure from advertisement of Walosi Jirga and provincial council election and added that government should be find the way and border for trade in place of Torkham and Boldak borders. 

Speaker of senate session once again support defense and security brave armies and gave duty to internal security and defense affairs to review and check attack on Sardar Mohammad Davodkhan hospital and bring the mean result in next session.

Likewise, Mohammad Alam Ezadyar first deputy of session presented the massage of Kondoz people council and said that people of that province are so worry from security situation and they won’t form central government to get their security and try to do not repeat the past year situation.   




Likewise, Gull Ahmad Azami presented his report from Frah province and said that Frah people want from government to made so fast the Bakhsh Abad dams, increase the security army, create police station in Farah, keeping of prisoners in Farah, create engineering faculty in Farah University, and some other issues.

The end of session, statute of Islamic council of civil aviation and agreement of security and points of Islamic cooperation organization introduce and referred to commissions for review and reading.