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Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 28-Feb-2017


 Fazal Hadi Muslim Yaar met Mr. Ali Sayed Akin ambassador of Turkey, in this meeting Mr. Engineer Sakhi first deputy, Najiba Hossaini deputy secretary, some other senators and Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi also present.

In this meeting the first, speaker of Upper House by donating of appreciation letter and senate mark to Mr. Ali Sayed Akins, said thanks from cooperation of his country for medication of seven injured person and some other secretary staff of Upper House that injured on 21 Jadi attack. 

Subsequently; Ali Sayed Akin recalling his country’s cooperation in the different sectors in Afghanistan, said that my country interested that in strengthening and developed of relation at deferent levels in Afghanistan.

Likewise, in meeting debated in deferent parts Afghanistan situations particularly in parliamentary relation and educational visa for education of Afghans on that country.



Likewise, Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar met Mr. Hamdullah ambassador of Afghanistan to Washington, in National Assembly and appreciated form his wok’s

In this meeting Engineer Farhad Sakhi some senators and secretary general of Upper House also present, ambassador of Afghanistan in Washington appreciated from important roles of senate session, and  gave information  about Afghanistan political relation with new government of US said that US government will be have cooperation on security sector with our country and  Afghanistan embassy try to done these promises. 


Speaker of Upper House by donating of appreciation letter and senate mark  to Afghanistan ambassador said thanks’ from working of Mr. Mohib, Excellency  Muslim Yaar had long debate  on Mujahedeen victory and presence of  Daeesh in Afghanistan he said that 98% of Daeesh is from Pakistan people, US try to assist Afghanistan for the suppression of terrorism group in our country.