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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 8.Jan.2017

At the Sunday session by the chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar speaker of session, some amendment of internal duties were approved and criticized killing of civilian people in Baghalan province.



Adjustment plan of internal duties of Upper House suggested by Senators Mawlawi Gholam Mahioden Monsif, Haji Mohammad Hasan Hotak and Aziza Moslih to the commissions of legislative affairs, judicial and other commissions for the better regulate work affairs.


Likewise, in the session speaker and other member of session mass killing seven miners that done by unknown people in Tala Barfak district of Baghlan province strongly condemned and they want from government authorities to arrest these criminal people and prosecute legally    

Also in the session, said that death of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hasan Kakar famous historian and former teacher of Kabul University is one of the great losses for our country and pray for the soul of Kakar.  

Likewise, in the open debate, to settle on three hundreds US navy forces in Helmand province had this meaning to war will be continue in Afghanistan, government must be take effective measures, and pay attention for internal displaced and thousands families.

In open debate, had been said that it is the time to defiance and security armies they should start their operation for the clear of those areas that Taliban have bases.   


Senators criticized the responsible for not paying attention to the addicted people, every day the weather become colder and in Kabul under the Pol Sukhta the addicted people dying from cold weather. Responsible must gather and cure these addicted people to keep their human dignity.


Senators said that, there is not a precise foreign policy, the lack of foreign policy makes Afghanistan the place of competition of super powers, including Pakistan some countries interfere in interior issues of Afghanistan.


In the session senators criticized the cutting of trees in the forests of province of Kunar, so the decided that some senators inspect this issue, and prepare a report so the members of senate take decision based on the report.

In the session senators condemned the armed attack on the vehicle of the Shahpoor Zadran Afghan cricket player, for the commission of defense affairs and internal security gave duty to inspect this issue and the killing of several people in the province of Baghlan.


At the end of the session speaker of Meshrano jirga condemned the killing of the civilians in the province of Baghlan, and they emphasize to indentify the authors of this attack. They also express their condolence for the death of Muhammad Hassan Kakar former teacher of Kabul university to the people of Afghanistan, and promised that afghan government should celebrate the funeral ceremony.


During his speech Fazal Hadi Muslimyar said that in some articles of agreement between Afghanistan and United States they didn’t consider the will of afghan people, he also said that Afghanistan is not able to continue his political journey without these agreements, having political relations with foreign countries is very important in this era. Today including Saudi Arabia all Islamic and non Islamic countries have special relations with USA, in this case we should not comment emotionally in issues that disrupt the peoples mind and cancel this agreement. Government must implement this agreement and try to equip the air forces.

Speaker of senate said that dispatching new forces of USA in province of Helmand is useful if they train security forces and fight directly to terrorists and defense from people of Helmand.


The speaker of Senate said that the forests of Afghanistan is national treasure and said that government of Afghanistan inspect the propagandas against the authorities of Kunar province based on the deforestation, he added that government of Afghanistan must clear this issue and said preserving national treasure is duty of all organizations.



Fazal Hadi Muslimyar said about  the criticizing the teaching of Islamic culture in university he said that this is contrary to the believes of afghan people, some teachers has worries about this matter and he said that he will discuss this issue at the 13th celebration of afghan constitution in presidential palace, and said that I am sure that no body has the right to delete or criticized the Islamic culture subject from the University curriculum, and ministry of Higher Education must reinforce this subject in Universities.


At the end session speaker of senate gave duty to the commission of religious & cultural affairs, Education and higher Education to inspect the issue that university of UMEF SWISS is not valid and said that ministry of Interior must solve the problems of police officers in the district of Jani Khail in the province of Paktia.