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Approvals Of MJ
Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 3.Jan.2017


In the senate session on Tuesday by the chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslim Yaar, approved a law amendment, also three international document and debates occurred on current issues.


Amendment on standard law was discussed reviewed on national economy commission. Likewise; agreement between Afghanistan and Greece about create political representation, Morocco treaty on access of blind to the print issues, agreement of COP 21 members to the chart of UN about climate change, discussed reviewed on the international and other commissions represented by senators Latif Khan Zhowandai, Sayed Safeullah Hashimi, Najiba Hossaini and Dr. Anarkali and approved. 

Likewise; in the session debate on proposed amendments about internal duties of Upper House focused and reviewed on legislative and other commission this issue was represented by senators Ghoolam Mahioden Monsif, Haji Mohammad Hasan Hotak, Aziza Moslih and Mohammad Alam Ezatyaar up to twenty nine articles was approved.

According to amendment in the internal deities of Upper House from twelve commissions reduced to ten commissions, according to the 29th internal duties ruling every commission selected the older member for chairmanship of commission. Administrative board selected by general session and other election selected according to the M.J internal duties.   

In the open session they support the combat of the president against the corruption and also the suspend the job of the minister of ministry of information and technology and banning from foreign travel the three authority of ministry of interior. It’s useful to suspend the job of the people that they are corrupt so the process of the investigation continues in a transparent method.

Senators addressed the leaders of the national unity government and said that there is no coordination between the leaders of the national unity government and there must be a foreign policy for the government of Afghanistan. The winter comes and but the clearance Taliban from certain provinces are not done, and certain talibans are in combat in provinces like Helmand, Kunduz, Farah and other regions.

Senators more emphasized on coordination between the leaders of national unity government and probably the chief of staff of Pakistan will come and the leaders must discuss clearly all issues of Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan is celebrating the week of constitution but the constitution of Afghanistan is violated by three branch of afghan government and these branches must avoid this action and we must more implement the constitution.

Criticizing the coming of general Abdul Rasheed Dustom with hundreds of armed personnel in Kabul, emphasizing on the arrest of the killer of a Hindu citizen of Afghanistan in the name of Lala del Suz in the province of Kunduz. Not inspecting the killing cases including the killing of one representative of provincial council and others.

Concerning about the increase of the gas price in Kabul and appreciation of the decision of president based on governmentalizing the oil and gas company. Criticizing about the last discourse of Zamir Zabulof the representative of Russia for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Appreciation from security forces about the arrest of 5 women in Kandahar, inspecting the coming of the Qatar citizen in Afghanistan. Concerning about the exiting the military regiments from Baghlan province, suggestions to change the cadres in ministries of defense and interior. Seeing the gun made in Iran in Helmand province and intervention of certain countries in internal affairs of Afghanistan.        

In the result of the session the speaker of the senate criticized the discourse of Zamir Zabulof and said that it’s a revealed intervention the internal issues of Afghanistan. And added that weak policy of USA with Afghanistan caused that people like Zamir Zabulof and other countries interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan. 

The speaker of senate said that Taliban kill the people of Afghanistan under the name of Islam, he said that Taliban are the slave of the foreign countries that these countries help them and support them, the government of Afghanistan must say to Russia and USA to avoid proxy war in Afghanistan.


Fazil hadi said about the propaganda of the foreign policy of country between national assemblies the government is disappeared, he said according to constitution first the draft of a law goes to Wolesi Jerga so it’s required to search about this issue.

The speaker of the senate said that when chief of staff Pakistan comes to Afghanistan the leaders must discuss clearly issues with him. He added that chief of executive said that military regiments not leave the Baghlan province. It’s necessary that the government of Afghanistan support the security forces, at the end he said that security forces must identify the killer of hindu citizen of Afghanistan in the name Lala del Suz.