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Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 1-Jan-2017


In the senate session on Sunday by the chairmanship of Engineer Farhad  Sakhi first deputy of session, acting minister of education ministry answered to the senators questions about education situation  in country.


Lailuma Ahmadi and other senators asked questions from acting minister of ministry of education about corruption, problems in recruitment of teachers in provinces, précising the number of schools, imaginary teachers and students, houses for teachers, plot for teachers, the lack of books, and professional teachers, unstandard schools, teaching books contrary to the curriculum, the lack of schools, closed schools issues, reviewing the curriculum, including the ethics to the curriculum of schools and etc.

Dr. Asadullah deputy and acting minister of education ministry answered to the senator’s questions from 16000 schools in over all the country about 1000 of them regarding luck of security and war are closed. 40% of schools have no buildings. In total nine million and three hundred teachers registered in education ministry and around two million due to deferent reasons are absences.      


In open discussion of senators, the demand of Russia, china and Pakistan about the removing of leaders of Taliban from the black list is a intervention to the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Any decision without the participation of Afghanistan is not valid. The national unity government of Afghanistan must have explicit foreign policy.

Also one senator criticized the not implementation of one of the article of agreement of the government with hezbi-islami. He said that people wants that other terrorist groups join the peace process but this process hadn’t a good result.


Certain senators say that the debate of president with Ata Muhammad noor is a disunity of the government but others says that this is a natural issue. In the session senators congratulate the year of 2017 and said that the new secretary of united nation must pay more attention to situation of Afghanistan, so the people of Afghanistan gain peace and stability.


Emphasizing about the security of high ways specially the high way of Kandahar and Helmand. Concerning about non coordination between the forces, and trailing the person that he sexually abused a young girl. Regretting about the killing of a Hindu citizen of kunduz city. The president of the session said that government must implement the articles of agreement between hezbi-islami and government. The security commission received duty to review the security situation in the high ways of Kandahar and Helmand. First deputy said about the meeting neither of Ata Muhammad nor with the president that he is a citizen of Afghanistan and he has the right to discuss with the president. Engineer sakhi condemned the killing of our Hindu citizen of Afghanistan and shows his sympathy with family of victim and added that security forces must identify the killer.