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Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 21-Dec-2016


At the committee session was held by the chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslimyar speaker of Upper House.

In the session in addition of arrangement  of commissions affairs in the session decision made that in the general session on Sunday date 5 Jadi beside of open debates also will be debate on prohibits and harassment of women & children law and 78 legislative decree on military higher education law for discusses will present in session. And in general session on Tuesday date 7 Jadi defense minister, internal minister and director general of national security were present in session and gave information to senators about the winter operation against government opponents. Likewise; in open debates will discuss on agreement between Afghanistan and Sawedan.    


likewise; decision made that at the session on 12 of Jadi on Sunday according of open debate education minister should gave information about imaginary formation and in Tuesday 14 Jadi in general  session will be debates on Upper House amendment on internal duties present and discuss by the legislative affairs and judicial commission.


Likewise; decision made that, reports of the commissions of national economic, tribes and clan  affairs, internal security , international affairs and religious and cultural affairs, in the plenary session on Sunday dated 26 of Jadi and likewise; reports of the commissions of public welfare and environmental existence, hearing complaints, provincial council affairs, transportation and telecommunication, and disable affairs should be presented in the plenary session on 28th of Jadi by the secretary and deputy secretary of the senate.