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Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 10-Dec-2016

Ambassador of the Russian Federation in a Joint Commission Session With The Commission of Defense and International Affairs of the Senate Explained Regarding the Worries of the Afghanistan People about The Russia’s Relations With Taliban.

The mentioned session launched by the demands of the Alexander Mantiski ambassador of the Russia during their meeting with the Speaker of the Senate and provided information regarding their assistance in various sectors with Afghanistan especially in civil and military training for combating against the drug and similarly provided information regarding military helicopters delivery to Afghanistan.

.  Ambassador of the Russian concerned their worries regarding IS influences in Afghanistan and said regarding their relations with Taliban that in the April 2013 a transportation pilot of the Russia along with five Turkish engineer were in the custody of Taliban, the Turkish officials abled  to release their citizens and similarly according to the needs the Russian officials by consulting with the national  security council of Afghanistan contacted with Taliban and abled to release the mentioned pilot.


Alexander Mantiski, concerned their relations with Taliban for security of their citizens and strengthening the peace process and denied their military and financial assistance with any terrorist group especially the with Taliban, and added that the Taliban has been received the Russian weaponry during their combat with ANA especially in the fall of the Kundoz city.

Similarly, the mentioned ambassador supported from the peace process by the leadership of Afghanistan people.

Afterward, the senators debated regarding the Russia’s relations with Taliban, combat against the drug, seclusion of the Taliban and Pakistan and other issues were debated. The senators added the Afghanistan should not be a battlefield of the countries and the Afghanistan government has good relations with their neighboring countries.

At the mentioned session, beside of the participation of the members of the commission of defense and international affairs, secretary and deputy secretary of the senate, chairman of the parliamentary group and national cohesion of the senate , SG of the Senate Secretariat were also present.