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Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 7-Dec-2016

At the committee of session of the senate by chairmanship of Fazil Hadi Muslimyar speaker of the senate session, debate occurred regarding the work affair's of the commissions and specifying agendas of the general session.

   At the session decision made that on Sunday 21th of Qaus beside of open debates, the president decree No 68 regarding protection form the internal crafts should be presented for debate, and likewise joint report of the commissions of transportation & telecommunication and public welfare and environmental existence regarding the repeatedly load-shedding in the Kabul city and likewise report of the commission of Hearing complaints from the Herat and Farah province should be presented.

Similarly decision made that on Tuesday 23th of  Qaus beside of open debate,  convention of Minamata on Mercury, the president decree No 78 regarding military higher education law, trade facilitation and protocol of cooperation between I.R. of Afghanistan foreign ministry and foreign ministry of R. of Tajikistan should be presented for debate at the session.  


Similarly decision made that at the chairman’s committee session on 24th of Qawos, commission of legislative, justice and judicial affairs should present their report regarding amendment at the internal duites and responsibility of the Senate.

Likewise according to the decision of the session, Mohammad Alif Erfani chairman of the monitoring center court justice combat against administration corruption will be talk about achievements and circumstances regarding following of the accused cases. He added that this center according of the president decree was created.

He added that; so far 55 cases were referred in to this center that some of these cases have been under investigation and five cases have been referred to the courts these cases were defalcations cases and some other issues.

He said that the consideration of more cases wants more time and we will try to considerate to all of them.

Likewise Fazil Hadi Muslimyar said we supported from the mentioned center.

Similarly at the session, prayers occurred for the victims of the Taimany are of the Kabul city,  where in the incident, a building collapsed and dozen of the people injured and martyred and demanded form the government to investigate the case.