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Sunday 20 May 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 5-Dec-2016

Fazl Hadi Muslimyar Speaker of Upper House Met With Mr. Alexandar Mantitiski Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Kabul.

In this meeting, where members of the commission of internal security and defense affairs, international affairs, same other senators and secretary general of Upper House were also present, ambassador of the Russian federation rememerd regarding their assistance in assistaning of ten thousand Kalashnikov weapons and hundreds of scholarships in different military and civil sections and added that more than 180 military scholarships will be given to Afghanistan.


Similarly, Mr. Mantitiski said about the recent statement of Zamir Kabulov, The Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan regarding the Russia’s relations with Taliban of Afghanistan that the Russia is cooperating with Taliban, but in fact his statement is not meant what said, but in fact it was about to release the Russian pilot which was in the captive of Taliban 1n 2014.

Likewise, the mentioned ambassador demanded for further explanation regarding the mentioned issues in the session with the commission of defense and international affairs of the senate.

Afterward, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar  during his speech expressed gratitude from the Russia’s cooperation and said; Afghanistan is an independent and free country in keeping the national interests and mutual respect, we would like to cooperate with other region and world countries, especially Russia federation. But unfortunately speech of Russian representative about the Taliban terrorist groups and holding of conference with participants of some countries for Afghanistan situation investigations that Afghanistan government is not to aware from conference, this cause brought worry of our country and people.

Fazl Hadi  Muslimyar emphasized that if the Russia wants to solve the problems and worry of Afghanistan,  the authorities of Russia should reject the statement of Kabulov  through from media and ensure Afghanistan government that not exist this relation, speaker of Upper House expressed his readiness  for holding of  another meeting between ambassador of Russian and  commissions of internal security, defense affairs and international affairs of Upper House.