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Tuesday 20 April 2021

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 28 – Aug – 2016

Inquiry Conference Regarding Circumstances of Providing Health Services (Challenges and Solutions) Launched by the Commission of Public Welfare and by the Assistance of ALBA in the Intercontinental Hotel.

In this conference where Ahmad Zia Masoud especial representative of the president in the good governance affairs, Engineer Hasibullah Kalimzay second deputy of the senate, Maolavi Abdullah Qarluq Secretary of the Senate, Dr. Firoz ual din Minister of Public Health, Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi Secretary General of the Senate Secretariat, and some senator were participated.


At the beginning of the conference, Nisar Ahmad Haris President of the mentioned commission by remembering regarding the developments in the medical sector remembered regarding providing health services through private and governmental hospitals, nonstandard of the laboratory, wrong diagnoses of the patience, expensive and expire selling of the medicine especially in the provinces, unprofessional personnel recruitment in the pharmacy, lack of medical facilities in the remote area, lack of  Obstetrics and gynecology services in the provinces, activities of some foreigner doctors without having permit, lack of environmental health, and other issues were remembered.

Afterward, Ahmad Zia Massoud especial representative of the president in the good governance affairs approved the report of the commission of public welfare and said that beside of health services in our society, education is also important, and every citizen should be facilitated with them. Likewise he discussed regarding the issues of the health services in the country and added that beside of activities occurred in the health services, but yet challenges and risks threats the life of the people for lack of the health services. 

Similarly, Engineer Hassibullah Kalimzay second deputy of the senate in his speaking said that the Afghanistan beside of facing with the problems of health services, also faced with the challenges of terrorism, extremism and administrative corruption. The activities in the health services are not adequate and it is the time that the high authorities and citizens should unitary seriously act in the mentioned sectors. Likewise he emphasized that the suggestions of the participant will be solved through the commissions of the senate.

Likewise during the conference, Dr. Firozuddin Minister of Public Health, spoke regarding the mentioned issues and said that facilities of health services is the right of every citizen and more than %60 of the population facilitated with the health services. Similarly, he added that for controlling the medicines, a center of standard laboratory and administration of controlling medical affairs will soon be established and will be inaugurated in the Kabul city.


At the end of the conference, after questions and responses among the participant and governmental authorities, Tayba Zahidi deputy of the commission of public welfare presented resolution containing of 11 articles where in that the standard of establishing laboratory services, equal health services, serious attention to the Obstetrics and gynecology services, specifying appropriate fees, preventing smuggling low quality medicines and its imports, empowerment of private sectors, implementation of environmental existence laws and other issues were mentioned.