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Monday 26 October 2020

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 6-August.2016

Some Members of the Senate Disagreed With Addition of Annex Page with The Electronic ID Card and Demanded form the Government to Add the Afghan Word and Distribute it in one Page.

Senators at the press conference said that due to rumors regarding that the government wants to add annex page with the electronic ID card and the nationality and identification are adjoined, has created worries and tensions. The senators added that annexing a page with the ID card is against the 4th article of the constitution, where in the mentioned article it is said that the word afghan should be mentioned to every citizen of Afghanistan.

Likewise the senators added that in case of not adding the word of Islam and Afghan, the people of Ningarhar, Paktia, Kandahar and other provinces will not take the mentioned ID card.


The senators concerned the establishment of National Unity Government for avoiding the crisis against the constitution and emphasized that the government should not breach the constitution and all laws, and in the current situation the government should avoid of such opinions, where the war is intensified in a lot of provinces and it leads to disunion among the nations.


 At the press conference, members of the Senate demanded form the government for serious action to maintain security in the country and added that the government regarding schemes and implementation of the national project, should consider the opinions and consultation of the elites.