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Friday 18 January 2019

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 2.September.2015

The Conference Regarding the 1393 Year Resolution Launched in Kabul by the Participation of the National Council’s Representative and Members of the Civil Society Activist.

 At the mentioned conference Muhammad Alam Ezad Yaar First Deputy of the Senate spoke regarding the administrative corruption issues and said that by the participation of representative’s of the National Council and civil society activist they can review the issues in the budget and resolution and in the next years the responsible authorities by taking especial measures should solve the issues. 


Likewise, first deputy of the senate added that the Upper House needs the civil society’s cooperation in supervising the government activities and laws making. Similarly, Ezad Yaar supported the recommendation package of the Commission of Electoral Reform System to the leaders of the national unity government regarding reforms in election system and hoped that the leaders of the national unity government will soon implement them.

Afterward, Dr Anar Kaly Hunar Yaar President of the National Economic, Finance, and Budget Commission spoke regarding the objectives and importance of the today’s program. Likewise, Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi Secretary General of the Upper House Secretariat spoke regarding the civil societies cooperation role in expanding the government accountability.


Likewise Mr, Paul King President of the ALBA, Yousuf Ghaznavi Deputy of the ALBA and Rahim Jami representing the civil society spoke regarding the effectiveness of the program.

The mentioned conference was launched by National economic, Finance, and budget commission of the senate by the financial assistance of the ALBA in the intercontinental hotel. 

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