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Sunday 24 March 2019

 The Upper House Press Office

Date: 13.October. 2014

 Some Members of the Kabul Provincial Council Candidates in a Press Conference Demanded from the IEC to Announce the Final Results of the Provincial Council.


 The mentioned press conference which launched in the hall of the national council, some candidates representing the initial winner list of the provincial council election, Haji Rafiullah Gul Afghan Second Deputy of the Senate, Khatera Ishaq Zai and Muhammad Omer Tarra Khil demanded from the IEC and also from the National Unity Government to according their promises of quick activities, should announce the provincial council results till the end of this week.

 Similarly the candidates criticized on the dissention among the IEC and emphasized that such quarrel results to suspension in the provincial election result and harms to the rights of people and also to the laws of the country.


It is mentionable that the mentioned conference programmed by demand of some provincial council candidates and planned by the Upper House.