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Wednesday 17 August 2022

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

July 13, 2021


In the plenary session of the Senate on Tuesday led by Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, the senators expressed their supports from the security forces of the country. 

During the session, the senators expressed support for the heroism and sacrifices of the country's armed forces toward the widespread Taliban attacks and said that a more effective military mechanism should be built to get out of the current situation and ensure the security of cities, public highways and ports, and districts, and in the proper use of people uprisings, they should be organized within the framework of the National Army, the National Police, and the National Security.


Thus, a number of senators discussed regarding besieging of the house of Amir Shah Nayebzadeh, a representative of the people of Badghis in the Wolesi Jirga, and called the audio threat and its publication in the media by Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, an illegal and inappropriate act and added that the siege of his house, where other members of his family also live, should be stopped as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Wali Shah Nayebzadeh, a member of the Senate and the brother of Amir Shah Nayebzadeh, said in a speech: "The allegations made by the vice president about his brother's close ties with the Taliban are completely baseless and the recent developments in Badghis are due to weak management of government officials." He added that while his family has made countless sacrifices in the past, they are in full support of the regime, and has supported the defense and security forces with all their lives and property, and shows that he has not compromised with the enemies of this land and this claim should be investigated through legal channels. 

furthermore, some members said that the Taliban had committed crimes against humanity by occupying areas, in addition to harassing people, looted the properties, setting fire to public facilities and homes, or using it as a military base, they said that Human Rights Organizations should not be silent about the crimes of this group. They also added that the Pakistani intelligence service was playing a key role in escalating the war in various parts of the country. They emphasized that in many wars, the Pakistani military and militias were fighting face-to-face with the heroes of the country's armed forces, and that many of them were being killed, and that the authorities should document these issues and share them with the media, people, and the international community.


Moreover, the senators considered the death of Nasir Ahmad Ahmadi, a Pashto-language writer and novelist, a cultural loss, and the publication of his works was appreciated. Also, Mohammad Akbar Stanikzai, the second deputy speaker of the upper house, said that we need the citizens to be united in order to defend the country, like five years ago in the friendly country of Turkey, a coup was planned but because of the Turkish people did not want their elected government to be overthrown illegally and by force, the coup was failed, and now it demands that all Afghans mobilize on the example of a friendly Turkish country and not allow terrorist groups with the support of foreign countries to achieve their sinister goals. 

At the end of the session, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, prayed for the soul of the late Nasir Ahmad Ahmadi and the martyrs of the recent events and expressed his grief with their families.  The Speaker of the Senate once again praised the bravery and courage of the brave members of the country's security and defense forces and mentioned them as the real defenders of this borderland. He also praised the mobilizations and uprisings of the people alongside the security forces and called on the government to establish a clear mechanism for managing them. The speaker of the senate said: insulting and humiliating the armed forces is not acceptable in any way and the people who resort to this action are traitors and treacherous. He stressed that the Ministry of National Defense and the General Directorate of National Security should transfer the bodies of Pakistanis from the battlefields to Kabul and hand them over to the embassy of Pakistan in the presence of the media to prove once again that the war in Afghanistan has no internal dimensions and the supporters of terrorists and foreign intelligence agencies are waging this proxy war. The Speaker of the Senate added that today is a crucial day that we should not be affected by negative propaganda, but all of us should support and defend our territory and system in a united and coherent manner. Fazl Hadi Muslimyar added that defending the land, people and public facilities was also a religious and legal responsibility, and wow that foreign forces are leaving, the Taliban leadership must stop alienating and stop killing people; Because war is not the solution and they have to reach an agreement through negotiations, otherwise their re-rule is nothing more than a dream.


Regarding the issue of Amir Shah Nayeb Zadeh, a member of the Wolesi Jirga, the Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga expressed his hope that the country's judiciary would conduct its investigations impartially in this regard, and that if the charges against him were proven, he would be punished, because drumhead court-martial and the threat of death are against the law, and the siege of Amir Shah Nayeb Zadeh's house should be ended immediately.

In the other part of the session, the report of the first session of the current legislative year of the Transportation and Telecommunication Commission was presented by Senator Lotfullah Baba and it was said that 35 meetings of the commission were held during this session and 14 legislative documents were worked on. Also, 24 government officials have been interrogated in various cases and 51 cases have been processed; but, the mayor and police chief of Kabul province did not attend several meetings of the commission. Also, The Ministry of Telecommunications, ATRA, and Telecommunication Networks also supervised regarding how to collect the tax of telecommunication services and some other issues.

Then, Senator Dr. Gol Mohammad Rasouli presented the report of the National Economy, Finance and Budget Commission and said that the commission held 34 sessions in the current session, in which it worked on 15 legislative documents and questioned several government officials. Similarly, the commission's supervisory delegation visited Abu Nasar Farahi port and the fire area in Shakardara district of Kabul province, received the problems, and shared them with the authorities.

Later, Senator Safiullah Hashemi read the report of the International Affairs Commission and said that during this period, the commission has held 36 meetings and has worked on 14 legislative and international documents. It has also interrogated a number of government and foreign officials on some issues.


Also, Senator Paighumber Qul Dughan presented the report of the Legislative, Justice, and Judicial Affairs Commission and said that the commission held 47 sessions during the current session and worked on 14 titles of the legislative and international document, and has questioned a number of governmental and non-governmental authorities in connection with various cases and has also dealt with sixteen legal complaints.

Also, Senator Qari Mir Hatem Tarakhel presented the report of the Provincial Councils, Immunities and Privileges Commission and stated that during the current session of the Commission, in its numerous meetings, it has investigated various issues, including complaints and requests of a number of Provincial Council lawyers and discussed a number of laws, in addition, it has reviewed 68 letters.