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Wednesday 17 August 2022

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

July 4, 2021

The senators by wearing military uniforms expressed their support for the country's defense and security forces and the need for a raising national uprising against the Taliban and their foreign supporters.


The session, chaired by Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, first deputy speaker of the Senate, the senators said that the armed forces were fighting terrorism to defend the country's national honor, dignity, and independence, which has the direct support of Pakistan and other countries, and they are killing people, destroying Afghanistan and handing over weapons and ammunition to Pakistan.

The senators added that the people, by realizing the conspiracy of the enemy, have been forced to stand up in support of the country's armed forces and defend their homes against any mercenary Taliban attacks, which should be appreciated and properly managed and prove to the world that the people of Afghanistan, despite the incomplete mission of the international community, are committed to defending their country and can stand up to aggression in unity and empathy, They also stated that reforms in the security sector are not enough and more serious measures should be taken in war management and the struggles of the people and defense forces should be coordinated by professional military cadres and, if necessary, a decentralized war strategy should be created to suppress the Taliban. 

The senators, while emphasizing the principle of rewards and punishments, said that the fall of a number of districts without any clashes and conflict is questionable, and those who left military bases and districts without good reason or negligence or handed over weapons and ammunition to the enemy, should be seriously investigated, and the government has always shared the facts of this drama and important events with the people and is accountable for the country's responsibilities. It was noted at the session that the Taliban had committed a clear war crime by seizing various areas and violating all human rights, including the forced evacuation of dozens of Badakhshan families from the Kunduz Baghe Sherkat area.

Members of the senate also condemned Khalilzad's harsh response to the people uprisings in the harshest terms, saying that while Mr. Khalilzad was working as the US envoy to Afghanistan, he was pursuing a misguided US policy toward the Taliban; It has created a critical situation in the country and, instead of approaching peace and stability, has turned Afghanistan into war. Some members called the recent statements of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan not to support the Taliban group false and ridiculous, saying that Pakistan had even directly supported the Taliban group by sending retired individuals and generals and provided logistical and financial assistance to Taliban, and Pakistan's involvement in Afghanistan's is very clear and the UN Security Council should take action toward this. 


Furthermore, during the session, strong concern was expressed about the devaluation of the Afghan currency against the dollar and the sharp rise in the price of raw materials and fuel, and it was emphasized that the responsible authorities should address this situation. Also, Emphasis on addressing IDPs, drawing the attention of the people and the government to the serious fight against the Coronavirus, and criticizing the National Security Council for not paying attention to the suggestions of the people's representatives in the National Assembly, especially members of the Senate, emphasizing the resolution of political disputes, criticizing President Joe Biden regarding Afghanistan, emphasizing the appointment of experienced people in various parts of the system, including using the capacity of retired generals, inaccurate reporting by local government officials in Ghazni province on the crisis situation in the province, expressing condolences on the 34th anniversary of the martyrdom of Safiullah Afzali and 23rd martyrdom of Lieutenant General Alawdin Khan Saifi, two of the famous commanders of the Southwest, and some other issues were raised in today’s session. 

Also, in accordance with the agenda, the draft of the Wolesi Jirga about (Law on Review of Conformity of Legislative Documents with the Constitution of Afghanistan) and (Law on Translation and Certification of Documents) which was studied by the commissions of the senate, presented in the session by the chair and members of the Legislative, Judicial and Justice Affairs Commission, and ratified by the majority votes. Also, the draft (Metrology Law "Weights and Measures"), which was also reviewed by senate commissions, was presented by the chairman and members of the National Economy, Finance and Budget Commission and approved unanimously.

At the end of the session, Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, First Deputy Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, expressed his condolences and sympathy with their families of martyrs, especially the martyrs of the Defense and Security Forces, and thanked Senator Rahela Dostum, the secretary of the senate, for donating her one-month salary to the families of the martyrs of the security forces, and said that other members of the administrative board are also ready to help these families. Also, He added that the members of the Meshrano Jirga, by wearing military uniforms, showed that the upper house has always been and is with the armed forces of the country, and if necessary, they will go to the battlefields with them. The first deputy of the upper house supported the uprisings and people mobilization in defense of the country against the enemy; He suggested that these forces be organized within the framework of the security sector. He also condemned Zalmai Khalilzad's negative statements regarding people uprisings, calling them in favor of the Taliban terrorist group and an insult to the will of the people.

Moreover, he continued his speech by urging human rights organizations not to be indifferent to the human rights violations by the Taliban, which carry out massacres and forced relocations of people, and destroying public facilities. Regarding the evacuation of districts, Mohammad Alam Ezedyar said that the government should answer in these issues, because the people are worried and the perpetrators should be dealt with according to military rules and those who stand up against the enemy should be rewarded, and it is better for the government to appoint experienced and capable people with administrative and combat capacities.


Finally, he stressed that war has no solution at all and that peace must be given priority to prevent the destruction of public facilities and the bloodshed of the people, and that the international community must take responsibility for the success of peace in Afghanistan, as Afghans in the fight against terrorism have fulfilled their responsibility to the international community. 

The first deputy speaker of the Senate recalled the letter sent by the Cuban parliament to the Afghan National Assembly, which said that “Cuba has been under US trade, economic and financial sanctions for about sixty years, and these sanctions have caused many problems. “Cuban citizens have called on the Afghan parliament to work for the lifting of sanctions. Ezedyar, Recalling the negative effects of the sanctions and referring to the human rights components, said that the lifting of the sanctions would be in the interest of stability in the region, which we should continue our humanitarian efforts.