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Sunday 25 September 2022

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

June 15, 2021

In the plenary session led by the first deputy speaker, the senators considered the fall of the districts into the hands of the Taliban questionable and criticized the change in US and NATO policies towards Afghanistan.


Members of the senate said that the collapse of districts and the emergence of other social and natural problems were unbearable for the people, and so-called tactical retreats were questioned and that the United States and NATO, which have a security agreement with Afghanistan, were watching the escalation of the war and the Taliban, and they are indifferent to their commitments in supporting the people of Afghanistan, and secretly, they give the enemy time to approach their sinister targets in consent with the region's intelligence. The senators demanded that the government's policy and foreign forces should be clarified with the Taliban, that people could make the right decisions for their future.

Furthermore, despite the emphasis on the recent mobilization against the recent enemy threats, the peace process was considered to have been sidelined by the Taliban for not presenting any plan and emphasizes was to put pressure on Pakistan through various channels if the US and the international community believed about peace in Afghanistan and to force the Taliban to peace.


It was also noted that Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had recently said that (Kabul should stop the series of accusations against Pakistan and President Ghani should not complain about Pakistan to the United States), calling it ridiculous, and said that the United States and the world community are well known from interference, of Pakistan and the sources of terrorist financing, as the former Canadian ambassador to Kabul tweeted that Pakistan is responsible for financing and equipping terrorism and the main agent of intervention in Afghanistan.

During the session, the Senate expressed their grief and condolences about the death of the political and jihadi personalities of Qazi Mohammad Amin Waqad and Professor Abdul Shakor Shakor, former members of the senate. Also, Senate members praised medical staff for fighting the Covid disease and said that to prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the number of infected people, the authorities needed to take measures to reduce rush in markets, weddings, funerals, and other places, and people should follow to health advice in maintaining their health and the health of others.

Also, On the occasion of World Mother’s Day, the senators issued a separate message congratulating all the suffering mothers of this land, especially the mothers of the martyrs of the country, and said that in more than forty years of war, the mothers of this country are losing their children and loved ones. We hope that the day will come when the war and destruction will end and the mothers will achieve their best wishes.

At the end of the discussions, Mohammad Alam Ezdyar, the first deputy of the senate, praised the members of the senate for praising the health care workers in the fight against Covid, and asked the government to take measures to provide health care and people to take care of the disease, and endorsed the senators' proposal to limit plenary sessions and committees. The first deputy of the senate praised the relentless sacrifices of the brave and security heroes in suppressing the enemy, but called the policies of the leaders for the war incorrect, weak and unprofessional, and said that the top officials of the security and defense sector should act based on facts. Explain their plans to the people and, by carrying out precise operations, recapture the lost areas and take basic care of the needs of the people and parts and units. He added that the government should build more trust and have the elders of the country with it to improve the situation, otherwise the people will have to resist to defend their property and lives. Moreover, he added that "Unfortunately, from the beginning until now, the position and policy of NATO and the United States towards Afghanistan have been wrong, and their action against the armed opposition of the Afghan government, their policy towards the countries in the region, the sudden withdrawal of their forces and the contradictory statements of its officials confirm these mistakes." He warned that if the international community left Afghanistan irresponsibly, it would have terrible consequences.


Also, the delegation of the senate that went to Pul-e-Charkhi prison to investigate the problems of the detainees, the report of the visit was presented by Mohammad Hashem Al-kozai, the chair of the Defense Affairs and Internal Security Commission, and it was said that after meeting with prison officials, He had met with them and as a result, the prisoners agreed to end their strike. Senator Al-Kozai added that the strikers were due to not benefiting from the president's orders to release incurable prisoners, the fate of prisoners on death, the release of prisoners who end their term, the non-transfer of prisoners to their related provinces, and some other cases were among the complaints.