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Wednesday 17 August 2022

Abdul Muqtader Nasary

Secretary General of the Meshrano Jirga


Abdul Muqtader Nasary was born in Nangarhar province, and during Soviet Union attack on Afghanistan his family like other Afghans migrated to Peshawar, Pakistan. Nasary followed his primary school in Peshawar Pakistan and completed the Advance 2 class of English Language from IRC English center in Peshawar while he was 12 years oldHe completed his secondary school in Afghanistan after he returned back from migration. He did his first bachelor in medical field. He then did his second bachelor in Law & Political Sciences and is holding an MBA degree in General Management. Nasary completed a one year fellowship program with UNITAR and attended more than fifty (50) short term workshops, courses and seminars in-home and in oversees like; (South Korea, India, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, UAE, Sri-lanka, China, Iran, Azarbaijan, Turkey, Thaliand, Netherlands, Swiss, France, Poland, Serbia, UK , South Africa, Burkina Faso). 

He also facilitated and conducted more than 30 different short-term training programs for various high-level government officials like District Governors, Provincial Governors, Provincial PDC members and different Provincial line ministries directors. 

Nasary started his professional working experience from 2002, and since that he worked for different government and non-government and international (UNDP, USAID) organizations. 

Nasary served as lecturer in Nangarhar Institute of Health Sciences for almost seven years. During this time, he was also Manager for two magazines (1: Roghtiee Mashal magazine, published by Nangarhar Public Health Directorate, each 3 months. 2: Ghotai magazine, published by Chaparhar Students Academic and Development Association). Nasary worked for USAID as Regional Governance Advisor with DAI for the project of Local Governance and Community Development. He worked as Admin finance officer, Regional Audit Manager, Regional Director, and Country Marketing Manager for FINCA-Afghanistan. During his employment with the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG); Nasary for the first time in the history of Afghanistan has initiated development of five years Provincial Strategic Plans for the provinces of the country. He for the first time piloted this initiative in 2010 in Herat province and as its successful completion and endorsement by the government and International Partners, the practice was then expanded to the rest of provinces of the country. He worked for IDLG in the capacities of; Provincial Strategic Planning Specialist - Head of Policy on Provinces, Districts and Villages – Team leader for Provincial Strategic Planning Team - Director of Policy and Planning. During his employment with IDLG, Mr. Nasary developed dozens of concepts, papers, and research papers like: 1- Paper on grading system of provinces and Districts of Afghanistan, 2- creation, pros & cons of Regional Government representative/ Regional Governor position as a highly authorized in-charge of few regional provinces, 3- Definition of Legal statues of a province, 4- studying the existing potentials for establishment of new ports on the borders of northern districts to expand business with Central Asian Countries, 5- study and analyze the current statues of governance and service delivery in 88 border districts and provided recommendations and presented to the National Security Council and H.E the President, 6- Paper on Partnership of Civil Societies and IDLG, 7- Analytical Paper on relationship of Governors with the justice sector and Security Sector, 8- Concept of Political Participation of Women, and so on. Nasary, was directly responsible and managing the process of developing a new “Sub-national Governance Policy”, luckily the policy was verified by High Council of rule of law and anti-corruption on 14th may 2018 and endorsed by the cabinet on 25th July 2018. Mr. Nasary was directly engaged in development process of lots of other important and national documents such as: 1- Youth’s National Policy, 2- Implementation Strategy of Youth’s Policy, 3- Policy on IDPs, 4- Strategy for migration and returnees, 5- Five years development plan of Afghanistan, 6- National Priority Program on Local Governance, 7- Local Planning Policy, 8- Provincial Budgeting Policy, 9- Comprehensive Guideline for Provincial Development Planning, 10- Some publications by AREU “Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit. Nasary was part of different teams and was engaged in developing of 25 different documents like, regulations, articles, strategies, policies, concepts, and plans developed in the office of National Security Council.

Nasary was appointed as Secretary General for the Upper House (Senate) of Afghanistan by H.E the President of Afghanistan on 15th April 2018, and since that he is working on this position.