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Wednesday 14 April 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

March 31, 2021 

The security and defense authorities answered the questions of senators regarding the current security situation and their measures


At the beginning of the session, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, speaker, and other members thanked Tajikistan for its warm reception of the high-ranking delegation from Afghanistan and the award of an honorary doctorate by President Tajik National University to President Ashraf Ghani and discussed the agreement of a series of economic and trade programs between the two countries. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani arrived in the Tajikistan capital Dushanbe yesterday morning at the ninth session of the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process, which was warmly welcomed by Tajik President Imam Ali Rahman. The senators while commenting on recent remarks by the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul, some members said that if Pakistan wanted to cooperate with Afghanistan, it would block terrorist centers in its country, stop funding, equipping, and exporting terrorists into Afghanistan, and honest decisions by Pakistan and the United States could greatly contribute to the Afghan peace process. 

In summarizing the above issues, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar instructed the Meshrano Jirga’s Commission for Defense Affairs and Internal Security to investigate the issue of civilian casualties in the Sabri district of Khost province and the shooting of a car carrying a criminal officer in the 11th district of Kandahar city. 

Then Mohammad Hashem Al-kozai, Chairman of the Defense and Internal Security Commission, and other members praised the country's


 defense and security forces against the conspiracies of Afghanistan's internal and external enemies and raised from the attended security officials about the preparations of the mentioned institutions to suppress the enemies, ensure better security of highways and roads Paying salaries on time, seriously fighting corruption in logistics departments, strengthening health institutions, creating appropriate solutions to destroy terrorist groups, thieves and kidnappers, identifying enemy infiltrators from the armed forces, Ali-Poor case, freeing Abdul Rauf child from kidnappers, preventing kidnappers, the sale and use of narcotics, alcoholic beverages, and Tablet-K, and the activities of terrorist networks and some other issues.

Then, Najibullah Wardak, First Deputy Minister of Defense, said in his responses that during the cold season, the needs of ANA units were specified and the necessary facilities and equipment were provided to the corps, in addition, the necessary facilities have been provided in the procurement process in accordance with the law, and assured that they will give priority to the suggestions and demands of the senators. Subsequently, Lt. Gen. Iqbal Ali, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ministry of National Defense, assured that the armed forces would be fully prepared for any threat and would respond decisively and quickly to the enemy's movements. 


He said that regular programs are being implemented to create coordination and joint efforts between the security forces, and recently more than nine hundred air operations have been carried out, which have targeted enemy bases while transferring personnel and supplying their equipment. He also informed about the continuation of the operation in the Arghandab district of Kandahar province and the deployment of new forces in this district and said that the enemy had suffered heavy casualties during the operation in the district. General Iqbal Ali said that thousands of families of the martyrs' heirs will be assisted during the holy month of Ramadan and that plans have been made to ensure the security of public highways and provinces that are under high-security threat.

Also, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Anwar Baripal, Deputy Minister of Education and Personnel of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, said in a speech that although last year, the enemy intensified the war to gain some areas and impose their illegitimate demands on the people; But the armed forces stopped them and did not allow them to occupy the country's lands. Gen. Bripal added that figures show that the level of criminal offenses, targeted assassinations, and kidnappings has recently decreased in Kabul and that more than 400 people involved in the putting of magnetic mines have been arrested in various parts of the country.

Afterward, Lt. Gen. Nazar Ali Vahedi, Deputy Director General of National Security, said in his response that while we are facing an unconventional and intelligence war, the country's defense and security forces are fully prepared to defend the people, the system, and the territorial integrity of the country. He said that the Taliban are preparing for the spring wars in various parts of Pakistan, that would be harshly responded to by the security forces, and that all their suicide bombings and explosions would be launched by Pakistani intelligence. He also clarified that the Taliban's relations with al-Qaeda and the Haqqani Group remain stable. He recalled the achievements of national security officials last year, saying that more than 4,000 professional terrorists, including members of ISIS and al-Qaeda, had been arrested by national security forces. 


He also gave information about the finalization of the procedure related to the people uprisings by that department and said that the local uprisings people have been assigned alongside the security forces at the request of the people and the authorities of some provinces. Referring to the incident in Behsud district of Maidan Wardak province, he said that without a doubt, Ali-Poor, like other terrorist groups, had committed an unforgivable crime. At present, the defense and security forces have been deployed in various areas for helping the people, and the problems of the local residents have been resolved, and the operations of the security forces continue. 

Regarding the release of Abdul Rauf, a child abducted in Balkh province, Mr. Vahedi said that about 20 people have been arrested so far in connection with the case and that efforts are underway to release the child. At the end of the session, the members of the Meshrano Jirga considered the explanations of the officials satisfactory and emphasized that their views and suggestions regarding the improvement of the security situation should be taken into consideration by the leadership of the security and defense sector of the country.