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Wednesday 14 April 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

Mach 28 2021

In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga, the opening of Kamal Kham dam by President Ashraf Ghani was welcomed.


The session was chaired by Fazl Hadi Muslimyar. The senators expressed gladness with the opening of Kamal Khan Dam, saying that the opening of this dam is a great historical achievement at the national level and that is of great economic importance for the citizens, especially the residents of Nimroz province and that is also good news that citizens across the country are happy.

The senators also called on the Senate to present a letter of appreciation to the President, the leadership, and the engineers and guards of the Water Authority of that dam and called on the government to assist the heirs of the martyred security guards of that Dam. The senators also said that citizens will also witness the inauguration of other projects such as the Shurabak Dam in Badakhshan and the Shah and Arous Dam in Kabul and that the construction of other water facilities in the country, including the Kunar and Baghdad Kapisa dams, is expected to receive considerable attention. It is worth mentioning that the Kamal Khan dam will irrigate more than 184 thousand hectares of land and will produce more than 9 MW of electricity. The area where Kamal Khan Dam is located is mostly flat plain and its water storage capacity, according to the National Water Regulatory Authority, is 52 million cubic meters. Although this dam is smaller than the Salma dam, its water control capacity is very high. According to the relevant departments, Kamal Khan's construction began in 1996, but due to the continuation of the wars and political changes in Afghanistan, construction of that dam was postponed for many years. This dam is built 18 km south of Zaranj city in Nimroz province, along the Helmand River, which originates from the mountains of Afghanistan and leads to Lake Hamoon; A joint lake that flows between Afghanistan and Iran

Furthermore, some senators, while criticizing the slowness of the Qatar peace process and Zalmai Khalilzad's ambiguous approach in the process, said that at the Istanbul conference, the delegation of GoIRA should preserve the existing achievements, maintain and strengthen the defense forces.


Also, the awarding of the Ibn Sina International Peace Prize to Senator Dr. Anarkali Henryar and the installation of a memorial plaque, and the registration of a road in the city of Paris by Ahmad Shah Massoud, the national hero of the country, was warmly welcomed by some members of House. The French government was thanked for nominating this place as the National Hero and the Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies for awarding the prize to Senator Anarkali.

During the open part of the session, concerns were expressed about the increase of insecurities on the country's public highways, and it was emphasized that security and defense officials should pay attention to this issue. Also, a number of members of House asked to punish Alipoor, one of the irresponsible commanders and his people in Behsud district, who are accused of shooting down an ANA helicopter and martyring the personnel of this helicopter; It was said that Mr. Mohammad Sarvar Danesh, the second vice president, who had released this person on bail, should be held accountable to the judiciary in Alipoor case.

Furthermore, welcoming the re-appointing of Hafiz Abdul Qayyum as governor of Nuristan, emphasizing the employment of short-term and experienced teachers in new positions that announced in Nangarhar province, failure to reach the allocation for the staff of the Social Welfare Office in Jawzjan province, emphasis on prosecuting the perpetrator of raping an eight-year-old girl in Kabul and some other issues were raised.


In the conclusion part of the session, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, reminded the bravery of the country's security and defense officials against the terrorists and said that in the next session, the leadership of the Security and Defense Sector will discuss the country's security situation and their security measures. The speaker further said that anyone who took up arms against the brave security forces and caused their martyrdom should not be discriminated with enemies and should be prosecuted, and the irresponsible gunman who also committed such a crime should be arrested and brought to justice. He added that some politicians and figures should not pay attention to the issue of ethnicity and position, and asked the security officials to bring their coordination and cooperation with civilians in the interest and try to ensure their security.

The Speaker of the House thanked the French government and the Municipality of Paris for naming a road named after the national hero of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud, and praised the heroic struggles of the Mujahideen of Afghanistan. The Speaker of the Senate also congratulated Dr. Anar Kaly Honaryar, Member of the Assembly, on receiving the award of the Ibn Sina International Peace Prize, and said that receiving it was the result of Dr. Honaryar's civil efforts.

Furthermore, he congratulated President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, officials of the National Water Management Authority, workers of this dam, security officials, residents of Nimroz province, and the people of the country on the opening of Kamal Khan Dam and expressed hope that the construction work of other public utility projects will be accelerated, and added that the Senate delegation will travel to Nimroz to visit the province at an opportune time.


It was also decided, that based on the proposal of the members of the senate that after the opening of Kamal Khan Dam, a plaque of thanks of the Meshrano Jirga is presented to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.