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Wednesday 14 April 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

March 27, 2021

In the committee of chairs of the Meshrano Jirga led by speaker of the House, in addition of specifying agendas of the future plenary sessions, they welcomed inauguration of Kamal Khan Dam.


The speaker and other members of the committee of chairmen expressed happiness with the opening of the Kamal Khan Dam by the President, saying that the opening of this dam is a great economic importance, which has made the citizens of the country happy, and also fulfilled the long-standing wish of the people of Nimroz province and added that the people of Afghanistan wish the president and other officials to speed up the construction of other dams in the country and also to start the construction of the power plant (Baghdara) in Kapisa province.


It was also emphasized in the session of the committee of chairmen that the officials of the first level of the security sector should inform about the security situation of the country and their measures against the enemy in the general session of the Meshrano Jirga on the Sunday, March 27, 2021. It was also decided that in the general session of the house on March 30, 2021, discussions will be held on the current situation of the country and in the general session the House on April 4, 2021, discussion should be on the Draft labor law.