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Thursday 25 February 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

February 7, 2021

The consultative meeting of the members of the Meshrano Jirga in connection with the current issues of the country was held by chairmanship of Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, Speaker of the Senate.


In this session, the Speaker of the House and other members rejected the proposal to form an interim government and said that such an issue by any party is incorrect and unacceptable to the people of Afghanistan, especially the Meshrano Jirga. They added that maintaining the republican system is the achievement of the last two decades and the constitution of the country is a red line for the citizens and all issues must be resolved in accordance with the constitution. Furthermore, they added that if the interim government is being established, the past achievements will be questioned and the country will be led to anarchy and disorder as in the past. The senators, while pointing to a series of weaknesses in the government, said that the current situation is very sensitive and that in order to get out of this dilemma, it is necessary to establish a national consensus among politicians. They emphasized that a meeting should be held with the President of the country in this regard so that the senators could express their views and considerations in relation to current issues and get out of this situation.

Also at the meeting, the senators considered peace and the end of the war as an urgent and fundamental necessity and, referring to the Qatar peace talks, said that the negotiating delegation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was ready to start peace talks since a month, but the Taliban have abandoned the negotiating table at the command of their masters and, in order to divert public opinion, they make unwarranted and unacceptable excuses and travel to neighboring countries for legitimacy, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must take necessary action about this.  A number of senators also criticized the dual policies of US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad, saying that the Meshrano Jirga expect the new US administration to review the US agreement with the Taliban because this group has not fulfilled its obligations, and increased killing of people and continuing its relations with other terrorist groups. At today's meeting, the committee also discussed ways to resolve the government's confrontation with the Wolesi Jirga over the national budget, recent events in various parts of the country, and the prevention of negative propaganda against the regime through the media.

In summing up part of the session, Speaker of the House by condemning the recent events, including the assassination of Dr. Mohammad Atef, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Jamiat Islah, said on behalf of the Senate, that efforts have been made for the closeness and unity of politicians’ opinion and that this series is ongoing, He also strongly supported the sacrifices of the security and defense forces of the country.


Moreover, referring to the position of the new US administration on peace in Afghanistan and the role of Zalmai Khalilzad and his deputies in the peace process, said that peace is a serious need and that the delegation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is in Doha for this purpose, but it demands that the government, in addition to peace efforts, be fully prepared to defend the country and mobilize the people against any conspiracies of the enemies. The Speaker reiterated the Senate's support for the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and emphasized that according to the senators stands, a series of reforms should be made in government departments and assured that they would facilitate the senators' meeting with the President.