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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Press Release of the Meshrano Jirga of the National Assembly, in connection with the plan to establish an interim government in Afghanistan:

February 7, 2021

Members of the National Assembly in today's Extraordinary Consultative Session discussed the plan to create an interim government and rejected it as an unnecessary process, unconstitutional and far from the good of the citizens of the country.

Members of the Meshrano Jirga of the National Assembly, based on the vicious experiences of the past since the establishment of the Interim Governments and with regard to the comprehensive understanding of the people; considers the formation of an interim government in the existence of the constitution, the existence of the republican electoral system and its contradiction with the interests of the country, and going through that process again and is a political dirty trick and a vicious plan of the enemies of Afghanistan.  The Meshrano Jirga of the National Assembly, considers resolving the Afghanistan conflict to be the closest way to peace and reconciliation in advancing inter-Afghan talks in Doha and The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has taken peaceful steps in this regard by releasing Taliban prisoners and accepting a ceasefire, inviting the opposition to negotiate internally and other flexibilities have made by the government of Afghanistan.  The Meshrano Jirga of the National Assembly considers the status of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to transfer power through democratic elections in accordance with the best political model in today's world and considers any attempt to form an interim and transitional government as a vicious plan.

The National Assembly also expects the government and the Taliban to talk to each other about ending the war and killing people, in accordance with Islamic rituals and with forgiveness and tolerance and acceptance of the ceasefire, and to end the war and internal hypocrisy through ordinary and legal means and also at the legitimate demands of the Afghan people so that the hopes of the enemies of Afghanistan, who intend have a vicious plan for this country turn into despair.

Fazal Hadi Muslim Yar

Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga