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Wednesday 24 February 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

January 20, 2021

Fazal Hadi Muslim Yar speaker of the Meshrano Jirga today met with MrRudrendra Tandon Ambassador of India to Kabul

During the session, both sides discussed the Afghan peace process, the strengthening of parliamentary relations, the continuation of effective Indian assistance, and the capacity building of the staff of the General Secretariat of the Meshrano Jirga. Mr. Tandon said that India is committed to ending the war and bringing peace to Afghanistan and that its parliament was interested in having better and stronger relations with the Afghan parliament and was ready to launch capacity building programs for the staff of the Upper House.

Then, Fazl Hadi Muslim Yar, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, expressed his gratitude for the humanitarian aid of India, saying that this House is also ready to host the Indian parliamentary delegations, and also welcomes the launch of capacity building programs for the staff of the Secretariat

The Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga Regarding the Afghan peace process said: "Peace is a serious need and desire of the Afghan people and the demands and views of the people, applicable laws, the values of the republic and the fundamental rights of Afghan citizens must be taken into consideration." He expressed hope that the Taliban would stop fighting and killing people and put their proposals and demands on the table. The Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga stated that recently the countries of the region and the world must also cooperate in the Afghan peace to bring this process to succeed.