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Thursday 25 February 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

January 12, 2021

In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga on Tuesday which was held in two parts by the speaker of the House and Muhammad Akbar Stanikzai second deputy of the House, activity reports of some commissions were presented.

In the open debate, the senators reiterated their support for the Qatar peace and negotiation process and called on the negotiating parties to show more flexibility in the peace talks and to call for a ceasefire, adding that Afghanistan is an independent Islamic state, and Efforts to establish an interim government are neither the will of the people nor enshrined in the constitution, and if such a government arises unnecessarily, the values and achievements of the last two decades will be jeopardized and chaos in the political and social life of the country will be revealed.

Also in the session, Mohammad Nader Baloch, senator of Nimroz province, discussed the civilian casualties in yesterday's incident in Khashrod district of that province and said that in one of the airstrikes in Manzari village of Khashrod district of the province, 13 members of a family were martyred and two others were injured which raised the anger of the people and demanded Investigating and punishing the perpetrators of this painful event.

Moreover, the session also criticized the increase in thefts, kidnappings, insecurities, and corruption in Herat province, and said that with the poor management of the police chief of Herat province, criminal offenses and corruptions in the customs and ports of the province have increased sharply. The central the government must take appropriate action in this regard, it was also said that disorder and injustices have reached their peak in Faryab province and Faryab governor intervened in all the affairs of the province and even prevented supervision of the provincial council which needs that the administration of local organs should take care of the matter.

Furthermore, Criticism on Kam Airlines for raising the price of their plane tickets from Kabul to Badakhshan, blockage of transportation routes of Uruzgan province due to the intensity of wars and increasing problems of IDPs in the province, the central government ignoring the needs of Paktia province, especially Zarmat district, Increased air pollution and its health hazards in Kabul due to lack of proper control and lack of control of relevant institutions, and other issues were also raised in the session.

Also, At the session, Presidential Legislative Decree No. 265 on the Law on Administrative Enforcement was also introduced and referred to the relevant commission for review.

In summing up part of the session, Mohammad Akbar Stanikazai, the second deputy of the Meshrano Jirga, criticized those who raised the voice of the interim government, saying that this is the wish of those who have left the system and want to find a place for them which such a request has never been implemented and is not in the interest of the country. They must honestly agree to think and work for the public interest and not to destroy the system, but to strengthen it.

Furthermore, Addressing the Taliban, the second deputy speaker of House said that instead of brutally killing civilians and military personnel, they should use the opportunity to put their demands on the table, which is in everyone's interest. The second Deputy speaker of the upper house stressed the need for the Ministry of Interior to review the demands of the people of Herat and Urozgan provinces. Furthermore, he also referred to the issue of high air ticket prices, air pollution and the demands of the residents of Zurmat district to the relevant commissions.

Also, Fazl Hadi Muslim Yar, the Speaker ofthe Meshrano Jirga condemned the recent events in various parts of the country, including the assassination of Zia Wadan and his entourage, and said that civilian casualties from any faction were unacceptable. I ask the President, as he is the Supreme Commander of the country, to investigate the the incident in Khashrod district of Nimroz province and punish its perpetrators in accordance with the applicable laws. He added that the Senate has always supported the defense and security forces and expects that the mistakes of these forces will be investigated following the military law.

In the other part of the session, the functions of Ms. Zarifa Ghaffari, Mayor of Maidan Wardak Province and some of the distinguished students of Afghan-Turkish schools in the presence of the the leadership of these schools who have significant achievements in the the educational process was awarded The letters of appreciation which presented by Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, the Administrative Board and other senators, and he wished them success.

Similarly, the report of the second session of the current legislative session of the Commission on Ethnic and Tribal Affairs was presented by Dr. Mohammad Ajan Mangal, Report of the commission on the Educational, Cultural, and Higher Education by Mina Shirzad, Report of the commission on the Public Welfare and Environment by Farahnaz Pamiri, Report of the commission on the National Economy Commission by Mawlavi Abdul Wahab Erfan and the report of the Commission on hearing the complaints were presented by Gol Ahmad Azami and the detailed of these reports will be published in the news line of the Meshrano Jirga commissions