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Wednesday 24 February 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

January 09, 2021

In the committee of chairs of the Mesharno Jirga led by Muhammad Alam Ezad Yar First Deputy Speaker of the House, Deputy Minister of Urban Development and Lands and General Director of the Capital Zone Development Office answered to the related questions.


The senators asked about the distribution of residential apartments made by China and Al-Gharafah Charity Foundation in Kabul, the progress of the new Kabul project, the provincial urban master plan, the progress of the Darul Aman complex and the Kabul ring road, the causes and factors of usurpation of government lands and the transformation of green areas and other related issues.

First, Aziz Ahmad Golestani, Deputy Minister of Housing of the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands, said that building a master plan for all cities in the country is one of the responsibilities of this ministry and the Kabul city design framework has already been completed and is being implemented through Kabul Municipality. He added that the master plan of Kandahar, Herat, Nangarhar, Khost and Balkh cities has been completed and five other cities are under construction, and also, the implementation of the master plans is one of the responsibilities of the municipalities, and in addition, the construction work of the residential blocks of China and Al-Gharafa foundation is also underway and will be distributed to its beneficiaries according to the mechanism. Moreover, Presenting information on the progress of the new Kabul city, he said that the master plan of Darul Aman administrative complex has been completed by this institution and submitted to the Presidential National Development Operations and Support Office for management purposes, also, the problems of the fifth Macroryan have been solved and its license has been given to the contracting company.

Then, Najibullah Shinwari, the director general of the Capital Zone Development Office, explained that the office spent about 94 percent of its budget in the fiscal year 1399, and In the capital zone, forty projects have been implemented or are being implemented, which include water supply networks, construction of retaining walls, construction of paved roads, construction of industrial park walls, construction of terminals for vehicles, renewal and improvement of quality of unplanned areas and creation of economic zones, which is related to the Kabul and its surroundings.


Furthermore, regarding the prevention of traffic blockage in Kabul, he said that next year the department has a plan in this regard and other cases for Kabul and neighboring provinces.

In the summing up part of the session, Mohammad Alam Ezdiar said that we expect the problems and interference in government departments to be solved and the master plan of all provinces, including districts, to be made. In addition, the capital zone should be expanded to the district level and balanced work should be done at the district level in Kabul. He also said political work in a number of offices has reduced people's credibility, for example, in the construction of fifth Macroryan, the people have been paid, but for several years now, the apartments have not been given to them.


In the other part of the session, while approving the previous agenda of the general session, it was decided that in tomorrow's plenary session, January 10,2021, Shahrzad Akbar, the head of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, Ms. Shina Shana Mansour, Deputy Attorney General for Prohibition of Violence against Women and Child Abuse, Zarifa Ghaffari, Mayor of Maidan Shahr, Abdul Qadir Nuristani, one of the best students in Pakistan, and three excellent students of Afghan-Turkish High School will be honored.