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Wednesday 27 January 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

December 26, 2020

In the session of chairs of committees of the Meshrano Jirga led by deputy speaker of the House, the agenda of the plenary sessions decided.


The committee session decided that in the plenary session of the House on Sunday, December 27, 2020, while approving the previous decision of the Committee of Chairs on the presence of the General Director of the Presidential Administration, the Chairman of the Independent Commission for Administrative Reform and Civil Service and the Head of the Local Organs, together with the relevant officials to respond to organizational dismissal in some government departments, and also presidential Legislative Decree No. 322 on the Law on State-Owned Enterprises should be included in the work of agenda. Moreover, in the plenary session of the House on Sunday, December 29, 2020, In addition to discussing Presidential Decree No. 47 on the Scientific-specialized cadre law, the Minister of Interior, the Director-General of National Security, and other relevant officials should explain the security situation in the country, in particular targeted assassinations and rocket attacks in Kabul and elsewhere.

In another part of the session of the Committee of Chairs, the complaints of the disabled and the heirs of the martyrs were raised with the Minister of State for Martyrs and the Disabled also with the authorities of the Ministry of Interior. Representatives of the disabled attended the session, who had been protesting and complaining near the entrance gate of the National Assembly for the past two weeks in connection with the collection of their selling booths by the Kabul Municipality and the way they were treated by the police. Then, The Minister of State for Martyrs and the Disabled gave information about the checklist according to which the disabled and the heirs of the martyrs are identified and confirmed and said that two commitment letters had been signed with the Kabul Municipality in the previous years to find jobs and set up booths for this segment of the society, but a number of their booths had been collected without coordination. Now it demands that the next plans of the Kabul Municipality be made a partner in this matter and that the collection of their booths be stopped for the time being until this issue is resolved. Then, the aforementioned authorities of the Ministry of Interior assured that the inappropriate treatment of the citizens, especially with the disabled, was incorrect, and that they would investigate and report all the cases.


In summing up the session, Mohammad Alam Ezdiar, while criticizing the absence of high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Interior and Kabul Mayor in today's session, he said that the Commission for Ethnic, Tribal, Martyrs and Disabled Affairs of this House will consider this issue in the presence of Kabul Mayor. He also emphasized that they will send a written title to the meetings (six and a half in the morning) to address the concerns of the disabled and the heirs of the martyrs. Also, the first deputy of the senate, addressing the officials of the Ministry of State in the affairs of martyrs and the disabled, expressed his support for transparency and fight against administrative corruption in that institution, noting that the necessary facilities should be provided for people with disabilities and martyrs' heirs in its checklist. Committee of chairs also strongly condemned today's bombings in different parts of Kabul, the assassination of Fereshta Kohestani, a civil society activist in Kapisa province, along with his brother, and the assassination of Mohammad Yusuf Rashid, Executive Director of the Afghanistan Free Election Foundation (FIFA), and emphasized that the responsible institutions identify and punish the perpetrators of these assassinations as soon as possible.