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Wednesday 27 January 2021

The press office of the Meshrano Jirga

December 6, 2020

Fazal Hadi Muslimyar Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga this morning met with Mr. Sayed Bin Mubarak Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Kabul.

During the meeting, Mr. Al-Khayarin said in a speech that Qatar wants to end the war and ensure peace in Afghanistan, and in this regard, Qatar performs its responsibility for hosting peace talks between Afghans.


He also provided information on the speech of the Emir of Qatar at the opening ceremony of the Consultative Assembly and Qatar’s Consultative Assembly election which is scheduled to take place next year and asked for their opinions and consultancy. He also expressed optimism that after the election, the speaker of the Meshrano Jirga would host the inaugural session of their Consultative Assembly. Then, The Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga praised Qatar's friendly efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan and expressed hope that these efforts would continue and that the rights and demands of the Afghan people would be taken into consideration in the peace talks.

Fazal Hadi Muslim Yar added: "We want to strengthen and expand relations with Qatar at various levels, and in view of the national interests of both countries, we need the continuous cooperation of each other; and we are also interested in hosting Qatari parliamentary delegations.

   The Speaker of the Senate added that although my personal policy and that of the Government of Afghanistan is that we do not interfere in the internal affairs of any country, but we are ready to consult on your request regarding the conduct of the Qatar Consultative Assembly elections. In addition, the fact that the state of Qatar intends to hold its Consultative Assembly elections for the first time shows that the Emir of Qatar respects the will of his people, which we welcome and congratulate.