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Tuesday 01 December 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

November 17, 2020 

In the plenary session of the House of Elders led by the first Deputy Speaker of the House, legislative decree no 353 about amendment and removal of some article of railway law was rejected. 


The aforementioned legislative decree, which had been studied in the commissions of the Meshrano Jirga, presented in the session by the Deputy and Secretary of the Communications and Telecommunications Commission, due to a series of legal reasons was unanimously rejected. 

Moreover, The Acting Minister of Finance was also scheduled to attend today's session to provide information on the draft national budget for the 1400 fiscal year and to take into account the views of senators in connection with the draft budget, but instead of him, the Deputy Minister of finance attended the session which was rejected by the senators and emphasized the Acting minister of finance should attend the Senate in the coming session.

Thus, in the open discussions of the session, a number of senators expressed satisfaction with the results of the meetings of the team at 6:30 in the morning, led by the First Vice President Amrullah Saleh in reducing criminal crimes, and stressed that citizens should cooperate with the government in this regard and other matters, and avoid abusive, insulting and humiliating propaganda

At the session, some senators said that recently in the presence of high-ranking ministers and officials, female employees and students were brought to Kandahar Airport for receptions, which is against the tradition and also posed a risk due to security issues which need that officials in Kandahar should be concerned about, The Ministry of Education should also be informed that students of their school should not be used in school during any of the programs. 

Furthermore, a number of senators said that the peace meeting between the representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban has reached a stalemate, the necessary aggression should be adopted. The senators once again reminded of the sacrifices of the country's defense and security forces and emphasized that the institutions responsible should be serious in reaching their livelihood, and equipment.


Furthermore, Emphasis on facilitating the meeting of senators with the President in connection with current issues and how to include the views of members of the senate in the draft national budget, Reminders of the casualties of security forces in Jurm district of Badakhshan province, Emphasis on having solutions for 12th-grade graduates who are under the age of 18 to be included in the university entrance exam, Recalling the challenges facing the disabled and the heirs of the martyrs and emphasizing the payment of the rights of this section of society and some other issues were discussed at today’s session. 

Mohammad Alam Ezad Yar, the first deputy speaker of the upper house of elders, called the use of students and government employees to welcome government officials contrary to the country's customs and traditions and unsuitable for security reasons and stressed that nobody should resort to such an action. He also said that in an official letter, the Senate will ask the director-general of the Office of Presidential Affairs to stop such actions that are contrary to our costumes. 

He also instructed the relevant commissions to follow up the issue of non-implementation of the rights and privileges of the disabled and the heirs of the martyrs with the Minister of Government for the Affairs of the Martyrs and the Disabled; He expressed his condolences to the martyrs of the recent incidents, including the martyrdom of 12 security personnel in Badakhshan's Jurm district, and his family, and called on the leadership, security and defense organs to address the problems of security forces in Kunduz, Baghlan and Kandahar provinces.


Also, referring to the prolonged negotiation process in Doha, the first deputy speaker said, "Unfortunately, the negotiating delegations have not yet been able to agree on working principles, which has caused concern among the people. Also, the wars have intensified and the casualties have risen." The future of the country is unlikely to be reconsidered by the government, international partners, and the United States for peace, and to persuade Pakistan and some other countries to start a direct negotiation process, adding that the Afghan government should be and If the process comes to a stalemate, the negotiating team will be recalled to Kabul to consult with the people and take new measures in the peace process.

The first deputy speaker of the Senate, while thanking the first vice president, the interior ministry, and the team for the 06:30 morning meetings, said that fortunately, based on the team's consistent efforts, the crime rate in the capital has been reduced and it is hoped that terrorist activities will be stopped.


At the end of the session, it was decided that the acting ministers of the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and the chairman of the National Examinations Committee should answer on the issue of non-admission of 12th-grade graduates under the age of 18 in the entrance exam, lack of textbooks, student examinations to the new chapter and some other issues.