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Tuesday 01 December 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

November 15, 2020

In the plenary session of the House of Elders led by first deputy speaker of the House, discussions were on the current situation of the country.


During the session, the senators said that due to yesterday's snow and rain in Kabul, citizens had many problems and were trapped by traffic jams on the roads until late at night, which requires the Kabul Municipality to take urgent measures in coordination with others to get out of this challenge. It was also emphasized that the citizens of Kabul should cooperate with the responsible institutions in the field of environmental services.

The senators also strongly criticized the lack of electricity and its persistent and irregular in the Kabul city and while emphasizing on finding a solution to this problem, it was decided that the General Director of Breshna Company in one of the plenary session should provide information about short-term and long-term measures and the Minister of State for Disaster Management to provide information about the Ministry's work plans during the cold season

The session also expressed concern about insecurity on public highways and other parts of the country, and said that the Najrab district security director and his son and also, a journalist in Helmand province, were recently assassinated on a public road in north of Kabul. They added that the responsible institutions should take effective steps to ensure the safety of public highways and the protection of journalists. The senators said that the arrival of the Pakistani Prime Minister in Afghanistan will not solve any pain, because Pakistani officials have visited Afghanistan many times and also other high-ranking Afghan officials visited Pakistan too, but due to the dishonesty of Pakistani leaders, there was no positive change in relations between the two countries. Rather, wars and violence in Afghanistan have intensified due to Pakistan's support for terrorist groups, and the people of Afghanistan once again expect Pakistan, as a neighboring Muslim country, to change its policy and stop supporting terrorist groups in order to achieve peace and stability in the region.


At the session, some senators warned of the cold weather and the prevention of the second wave of the Corona virus, urging the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Public Health to shut-down the schools and universities and increase health advice at the same time.

Moreover, Emphasis on preserving cultural values and heritage, especially repairation and restoration of the tomb of Sultan Ghias-ud-Din Ghori, carefully in installation of images of criminals, criticism of the lack of progress in peace talks and emphasis on reviewing the composition of the delegation, serious consideration of the situation in Uruzgan province. Prison security, criticism of the exclusion of senators' views in the national budget by the Ministry of Finance and some other issues were raised.

At the summing up part of the issues, Mohammad Alam Ezdiar, the first deputy of the Senate, recalled the recent events and prayed for the souls of the martyrs and said that The current situation requires the government, especially the security and defense sector, to reconsider their strategies in order to repel the plans and conspiracies of the enemies, because the current situation is a matter of concern for the citizen and the authorities to fulfill their responsibilities properly.

Regarding the security situation in Kabul, the first deputy speaker said that there has been a recent decrease in the incidence of criminal offenses, including armed robberies, but that there are still serious concerns about terrorist incidents, and this issue should be solved by applying appropriate solutions and care should be taken in publishing the images of criminals so that the names and images of innocent people are not published accidentally. Referring to the upcoming visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to Kabul, Ezad Yar said: "There is many years of experience in the visit of Pakistani officials, but due to the dishonesty of Pakistanis in the issue of war and peace in Afghanistan, the war in the country is increasing every day and the armed opposition is strengthening. The President and the Chairman of the High Council for Reconciliation should openly discuss the basic issues with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, otherwise the visits will be a useless as in the past. The First Deputy of the Meshran Jirga, emphasized on the need to repair the tomb of Sultan Ghias-ud-Din Ghori, therefore, instructed the Commission on Religious, Cultural and Educational Affairs to discuss this issue with the relevant officials and thanked the officials of Parwan and Agha Khan Foundation for rebuilding a stupa in that province.


Furthermore, the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives asked the Ministry of Public Health to take the necessary measures at the national level to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He also called on all citizens to wear masks in crowded places to avoid contracting the corona virus and to follow the health recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health