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Tuesday 24 November 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

November 10, 2020

In the plenary session of the House of Elders led by the first deputy speaker of the House, discussions were on the current situation of the country.  


In the open part of the session, a number of senators denounced the recent remarks of Pakistani Haqqani School leader Hamid al-Haq against Afghanistan in the harshest terms, calling it shameless, embarrassing, and unreasonable, and blamed the Pakistani government for his remarks.

The Pakistani mullah said last Thursday evening at the Zubairiya school in the city of Peshawar that the Afghan government must surrender to the Taliban and that Pakistan is in a danger from Afghanistan's side and that we support the Afghan Taliban jihad. Hamed al-Haq is the son and successor of Maulana Sami al-Haq. Samiul Haq, the head of the Haqqani School and leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islami party, was considered the main supporter and spiritual father of the Taliban. 

Also in the session, the senators discussed the massive human casualties in the Nawabad area of Ghazni city due to several mortars fire, a car bomb in Maiwand district of Kandahar province, an explosion in front of one of the private educational institutions in Maidan Wardak province, and some other incidents. at the session, some members said that the peace talks are facing a stalemate, and said that politicians and elites of the country, the United Nations Security Council and the Conference of Islamic States to intervene in this regard so that the peace process, which is a major and essential necessity, can achieve the desired results, also first deputy speaker of the House called on the new US administration to revise the Doha agreement between the Taliban and the United States, which has many shortcomings. The senators also warned of a reappearance of the coronavirus in the country, saying that in order to fight this deadly disease, our compatriots everywhere are expected to follow the health recommendations and the government to take effective measures to fight the coronavirus. 

Moreover, criticism of the demolition of the park cinema in Share Naw area of Kabul, emphasis on the transfer of salaries and privileges of health personnel in Nuristan province, failure of the Ministry of Interior affairs to send money to establish the town of the heirs of the martyrs in Logar province, emphasis on non-interference of powerful people in electing youth representatives in the provinces and other issues were raised in the session. 

In summing up part of the session, Mohammad Alam Ezdiar, First Deputy Speaker of the Senate, referring to the remarks of Hamid al-Haq, Head of the Haqqani School of Pakistan, said that the Pakistani government and scholars have been dealing with Afghanistan according to the strategy they have set for the past, and seeks its interests in the devastation of Afghanistan, and while Pakistan will not achieve the desired result with such a strategy and should reconsider its policies towards Afghanistan.


Referring to the US elections and the country's foreign policy on the current issues in Afghanistan, the first deputy speaker said: "We expect the newly elected US administration to appoint another person with better experience and effectiveness in the Afghan peace process instead of Zalmai Khalilzad to achieve positive results." Because the Taliban did not act to their commitments to reduce violence and other issues in the agreement they signed with the United States. The first deputy of the Senate expressed his condolences for the martyrdom of a number of citizens in the recent events in Ghazni, Kandahar, Maidan Wardak, and Kabul, and said that Three employees of Da Afghanistan Bank, including Yama Seya-vash, one of the influential media figures, died in Kabul incident, and asked the government to make effective changes to its security and defense strategies and address intelligence weaknesses.


The deputy speaker while referring to some cases to the relevant commissions, said that Cinema Park is not a historical construction but a cultural and artistic place and we expect the responsible organs, including the first vice president, to fulfill their promises and reminded that a number of citizens should not make a fuss in the process of modernizing toward the Kabul municipality.  

In another part of the session, Engineer Hasibullah Kaleemzi, Chairman of the International Affairs Commission of the House, presented his report on the collapse of the wall of the Afghan Embassy in Washington and its reconstruction process that saying that the commission discussed the issue during a meeting with ministry of foreign affairs officials, media representatives and the head of Pajhwok Afghan News. 

To clarify the matter, Engineer Klim Zai left for the United States on an official visit and closely monitored the construction of the wall, as well as held meetings with the Ambassador and staff of the Afghan Embassy in Washington, during which it was concluded that the contract with CADCON was signed by Roya Rahmani which is Afghanistan's ambassador to the United States, which the contract has legal problems and has spent more than one million and eight hundred thousand dollars on the construction of the embassy's walls and vehicles.

Engineer Hasibullah Kaleemzi added that after the calculations and findings of this commission and the file prepared in 400 pages, it was seen that a huge amount of money means 60%, has been wasted in this project. He called on the senate to introduced to the Attorney General's Office Dr. Shad Mohammad Sargand, Senior Advisor to the President, Roya Rahmani, Afghanistan's Ambassador to the United States, Yama Nizam, a former adviser to the Ministry of Finance, DLA Piper company, members of the Project Procurement Evaluation Committee, and Mir Haris Ansari, project manager which of these officials have been involved in selecting committees, transferring money, selecting contractors, appointing a project manager and overseeing the procurement process and promised to send the file to the presidency and would inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


After presenting the report, Mohammad Alam Ezdiar, ordered the deputy secretary of the senate and the commission for international affairs to follow up and monitor this issue closely with the Attorney General. 

According to another report, a number of private high school students of Soheil Mohmand visited the plenary session of the Senate and other sections of the National Assembly during the educational programs of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Senate Secretariat. And Gholam Mohiud-Din Monsef, Chairman of the Judicial and Judicial Affairs Commission, provided them with detailed information on parliamentary issues.