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Wednesday 25 November 2020

The Press office of the House of Elders

October 27, 2020

 Fazl Hadi Muslim yar, Speaker of the Meshrano had Introductory meeting with Mr. Rud Rindra Tandom, Ambassador of India to Kabul.


During the meeting, the Speaker of the Senate congratulated Mr. Tandom on his new mission and expressed hope that he would be able to further strengthen and toughen the existing political and historical relations between the two friendly countries, and also considered India's assistance to Afghanistan in various fields as vital and thanked them for their assistance; and asked him to attract more aid from India to Afghanistan.


Then, The Indian ambassador assured in his speeches that during his mission he would try to strengthen relations between the two countries and turn the attention of his government officials to assist in the education, construction and investment sectors in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the two sides also discussed recent developments in the region, the political, security and economic situation in Afghanistan, the end of the war and the success of the Afghan peace process.