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Sunday 25 October 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

17th October 2020

In the committee chairs of the Meshrano Jirga led by Speaker of the House, besides selecting agendas of the plenary session, the director-general of the local organs and the minister of government for the affairs of the martyrs and the disabled answered the questions.


At the meeting of the Committee of Chairs, it was decided that a report on Doha would be presented at the plenary session tomorrow (27) of Mezan and that the statement of the Senate in connection with the meeting of the representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban in Doha would be read. Also, the draft budget for the middle of the fiscal year 1399 and the legislative decree number (359) on the amendment of some articles of the Civil Aviation Law should be discussed.

Also at the Plenary Session of 29 Mezan, the Attorney General, the Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, and the Director of Prison Affairs should provide information about the release of prisoners released from prison in accordance with the Presidential Decree due to coronavirus, as well as the human rights situation of prisoners and other issues. It was also decided in the Committee of Chair that at the plenary session of the House on 25th of October 2020, in addition to open discussion, the Presidential Legislative Decree No. (308) on the addition of Article (350) of the Criminal Procedure Code would be discussed.


Furthermore, during the session, the Senators raised questions from the General Director of Local Organs on how to hold municipal elections in accordance with the constitution, provincial council board elections and filling the shortage of members of these councils, spending operational money in the provinces, the fate of a number of district governors, absence of some governors, district governors and mayors in Senate commissions, the creation of the ninth district of Jalalabad illegally, and Minister of State for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs should present information regarding the cut of the privileges of a number of martyrs’ inheritors, non-payment of salaries to the disabled and martyrs' heirs in due time and other issues were raised in the session.  Then, Shamim Khan Katawazi, head of the local government department, briefed the presidential office on the plans for municipal elections, provincial council elections, and the completion of provincial council shortages. He added that the creation of districts and zones is always done at the request of local residents, and said that a joint delegation of local organizations and people's representatives in the parliament visited the area to investigate the complaint received from the establishment of the ninth district of Jalalabad. The head of the local authorities, while providing information on the appointments of governors and deputy governors and the use of operational money, said that the department has practically taken action for balanced development in the provinces to ensure balanced growth at the provincial and district levels.

Also, Laluddin Aryoubi, the Minister of State for Martyrs and the Disabled affairs, said that the salaries and privileges of the martyrs' heirs related to previous years have not been cut, but have been suspended so that those who are eligible can be identified and receive their privileges.

He said thousands have so far been proven to have received fake or duplicate cards and received illegal salaries and benefits. The Minister of State for Martyrs and the Disabled, without naming any person or organs, said that a number of officials in the provinces also misuse the rights of the heirs of the martyrs and the disabled. He added that since the establishment of this ministry, serious efforts have been made to ensure that the disabled heirs of the martyrs are actually registered in the accounting system and that their salaries and privileges are paid after the biometric and obtaining an electronic identity card


At the end of the explanation, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar said that the Meshran Jirga strongly supports any legal and principled plan, ensuring justice and fighting corruption, but does not want the payment of salaries, including the heirs of the martyrs, to be suspended by presenting other plans and reasons.

Thus, Mohammad Alam Izdiar, the first deputy of the Meshrano Jirga, also said that decision should be made in accordance with the law and that the government should take measures before the legislative process from the parliament that would not cause social problems in the future