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Sunday 25 September 2022

The press office of the House of Elders

October 14, 2020

The negotiating team of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan this evening, provided detailed information on the progress of peace through a video conference in a meeting of the Administrative Board of the Meshrano Jirga, chaired by the Speaker of the Senate.


Initially, Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, the head of the negotiating team, during a speech, assured the unity of opinion among the team members and their legal and principled position, saying that we have reached an agreement with the Taliban group in general issues, but in limited cases, such as jurisprudential cases and determining the basis of negotiations, there is a difference and efforts are underway to resolve it. Stanekzai added that in accordance with the president's decree, which obliges the negotiating team to provide the National Assembly with details of its achievements every fifteen days; therefore, this meeting was held

Then, The Senate Speaker and Administrative Board of the House asked a series of specific questions about recent developments and obstacles to the peace process, including the implementation of the ceasefire, US cooperation, the Taliban's non-compliance with the Qatar Agreement, the President and the High Council for Reconciliation visits to the region, cooperation of neighboring countries and some other issues asked for the opinion of members of the negotiating team of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai and his colleagues said in this regard: "Our greatest emphasis is on obtaining a ceasefire and ending the violence, and in this regard, many efforts have been made to reach an agreement between both sides, and this is also mentioned in the agreement between the US and the Taliban." But the recent Taliban attack on Helmand province has shown that the group has failed to perform its commitments, making a strategic mistake which being blamed by the United States and Qatar and efforts are being made to ensure that violence does not continue.

They added that the visits of the President and the Chairman of the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation to the region would be beneficial and that active efforts and diplomacy at the regional and global levels would bring new achievements and further prove to the world that the Afghan government was right. They also pointed out that the basis of our negotiations is Islamic Sharia and accepted principles, which we also had in contact to the World Islamic Council and gained the satisfaction of its members.


He added that the members of the negotiating team have a special understanding and prominence in social and political issues, especially Islamic issues, and have been able to prove the unjustified reasons of the other side that they emphasized on the basis of Islamic texts, They also assured that they would make every effort to make the peace process a success and to achieve a reasonable and acceptable outcome, and to carry out the important task assigned to them in good faith

At the end, the Speaker of the House, on behalf of the senators, appreciated the efforts of the negotiating team of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Addressing them, he said, "The hope of our suffering people are on you to move forward with full patience and more strength so that you can bring the promise of peace to your people."


The Speaker of the Senate repeated his support for the negotiating team and expressed hope that the Taliban would come to their senses and end the war, which is in the interests of others, and to cooperate and take action to ensure real peace.