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Sunday 25 October 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

September 7, 2020

The Upper House Message on the occasion of the Martyrs’ Week and Martyrdom of Great National Hero Ahmad Shah Massoud:

By the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful


Fazl Hadi Muslim Yar, Speaker of the House, members of the Senate and General Secretariat of the House expresses their sympathy on the occasion of 18th Sunbullah, The Martyrdom day of great National Hero, and on the week of martyrs’, and prays to the spirit of all the martyrs that fought for the sake of liberating their country and defending their religion, and honor.

The Upper House believes that the warrior and Muslim nation of Afghanistan will strive to reach to the dreams of the martyrs for achieving peace, national unity, and social prosperity, and once again calls on those who have been deceived by enemies to join the peace process and stop bloodshed and destruction of their country.

The Upper House calls on compatriots to commemorate the week of martyrs’ by reciting Holy Quran, and prayers, and refrain from any offensive behavior, movements, weapons, and provocative behavior, and pleads paradise from God to the martyrs.

Fazil Hadi Muslim Yar

Speaker of the House of Elders