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Approvals Of MJ
Tuesday 11 August 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

July 07, 2020


In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga on Tuesday, led by the speaker of the House, two legislative decrees ratified and two other international documents approved.


Legislative decree No. 314 of the President on (Public and Private Partnership Law) which was studied in the House commissions was presented in the session by the chairman and members of the National Economic, Financial and Budget Commission and the legislative decree No. 270 on (road transport regulation law) was also presented in the session by the chairman and members of the commission on transportation and telecommunication and ratified by majority votes. 

Also, the chairman and members of the International Affairs Commission presented the agreement between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on (technical-military cooperation) and (the copyright agreement of the World Intellectual Organization) and were approved by the Senators.  

But at the beginning of the session, Speaker of the House recalled about the 33rd anniversary of the martyrdom of Safiullah Afzali, one of the most famous jihadi commanders in the western zone of the country, and expressed his sympathy with martyr families and prayed to his soul. 

In the open part of the session, the senators expressed some dissatisfaction with the government; Including the non-start working of the High Reconciliation Council; lack of the Taliban's dishonesty in the peace process, saying that while peace is a serious and necessary need, the group is not doing its job honestly, but has launched a wider offensive in some provinces, including Takhar, Badakhshan, and Kunduz. The country's


 defense and security forces should launch an offensive attack to respond on time to the current defense situation so that the enemies will not be able to expand their areas. They added that some Taliban prisoners who had been recently released from prison were against their commitments; They have returned to the group of the Taliban and are taking part in the fight against the people, the defense forces, and the security forces. All the challenges in the peace process must be removed, and pressure must be put on them to refrain from violence and prepare for peace talks with the government.

Senators also criticized the non-introduction of the list of members of the GoIRA cabinet and other officials, as well as the failure to nominate members of the High Reconciliation Council, saying that the president and chairman of the High Reconciliation Council should pay attention to these issues and form a responsible and lawful government.

Furthermore, Increased poverty among citizens due to restrictions on the spread of the coronavirus and poor security in Kabul and some provinces were other issues raised by senators. It was noted that the government should take appropriate and better measures to help the poor and to plan and implement regular plans regarding the security situation in Kabul. And it has been said that even some police officers are complicit in some criminal cases, as police officers instead of shooting fugitive, they have fired on two bodyguards of Muhammad Dawod Ghafair Senators of the Ghor province which they were on rid with a motorcycle. 

In summing up part of the session, Speaker of the House while emphasizing the start of inter-Afghan talks, called for a ceasefire, and added that peace is a serious necessity for citizens, stressing that the two sides must resolve all obstacles and challenges.

He added that in Laghman province yesterday, brave security forces killed several Taliban insurgents on the Kabul-Jalalabad public highway, many of whom were Taliban recently released from prison and had returned to the Taliban group despite their written commitments. The United States, as a mediator and the Government of Afghanistan, should focus on these issues to prevent their returning to the terrorist group. 

The Speaker of the Senate expressed hope that the President of the country and the Chairman of the High Council of Reconciliation would complete the members of the so that the nominees would gain the vote of confidence by considering expertise and credibility from the Wolesi Jirga.


Speaker of the House referred some of the issues to the relevant commissions and said that if government officials repeatedly refused to attend the Senate without a valid excuse, they would share the matter with the president and, if necessary, they would be introduced to the attorney general. also, Muslim Yar asked the citizens that the threats of the coronavirus are still present and that all should follow the correct guidance, use masks, and other measures in the crowded places and observe the social distances